The EAVE 2013 European Producers Workshop came to a close with its third and last workshop in Vienna, Austria (October 21-28), organized in partnership with Vienna Film Fund.

    During this final workshop, the 51 participants from 32 countries met 61 high-profile European film industry professionals in pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings and pitched the 31 projects that have been developed throughout the workshop year. This year, 61 key industry professionals attended as decision makers. 

    (*Please find the complete list of Decision Makers here.) 

    In Vienna, over 750 pre-scheduled one-to-one encounters and various informal meetings took place. The participants were able to pitch their projects and companies, to network and create valuable business contacts for the future. The relaxed workshop setting provided an ideal framework not only to do business, but more importantly to get an exclusive feedback from leading industry professionals.

    In addition to the regular workshop programme, EAVE@Vienna>, a special programme for the local film industry gathered over 70 Austrian professionals.

    Some quotes from attending decision makers :

    … fascinating and incredible stories and producers with a lot of passion.


    “I found the workshop to be very well organised and fruitful. Relaxed but productive and serious with a very good calibre of people and projects.”

    Carl CLIFTON / K5 International, UK

    “Good people with strong projects. Overall just extremely professional which makes my life and work so much easier”

    Tine KLINT / LEVEL K, Denmark

    “I found the combination of professionalism and good spirit remarkable!”

    Adrienne Frejacques / ARTE, France

    EAVE wishes all the 2013 graduates good luck for their future and thanks all the attending decision makers, experts and the pedagogical team for sharing their expertise and experience with the participants.

    EAVE has the pleasure to announce that this workshop ended with some very positive and concrete results and deals made for the 2013 graduates and their projects. In addition, several EAVE projects found their co-producers through EAVE and are soon going into production. To be kept informed, follow us on Web/twitter/FB.

    We express our gratitude for the support for the Workshop 3, 2013 from: Vienna Film Fund, Film and Music Austria, Vienna Film Commission, Austrian Film Insitute, MEDIA Desk Austria, Hoanzl VertriebsgmbH and FISA.

    The first two workshops of 2013 took place in Luxembourg (March 11-18) and Turku, Finland (June 12-19).