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The most nominations for the Czech Lion awards have been obtained by the films Ice Mother, Barefoot and Milada

Press releases 2018-01-22


The Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA) has announced the nominations for the 25th anniversary of the annual Czech Lion awards. The academics were choosing from 51 feature films, animated films and documentary features that had been distributed in the year of 2017. The films will be awarded the Czech Lion statuettes in 15 statutory categories. The most nominations throughout all the categories have been obtained by the films Ice Mother, Barefoot and Milada. The nominations for the television works of art will be announced on 12th February 2018. The ceremonial announcement of the winners of the film as well as television categories will take place on Saturday 10th March 2018 in Rudolfinum and it will be hosted by Adela Vinczeová for the second time. The news of the 25th year of the Czech Lion awards will be the new image of the statuette. It will be realized in cooperation with the Rückl glassworks.

The members of the CFTA had been voting about the nominations for the film categories of the 25th Czech Lion by 8th January 2018. 136 academics were choosing from 25 feature films and animated films and 26 documentary features. Among the candidates for the Czech Lion awards the winner is the film Ice Mother by the director Bohdan Sláma with its 15 nominations. Altogether 13 nominations were received by the film Barefoot by the director Jan Svěrák. The third highest number of nominations (10) was obtained by the biographical drama Milada by David Mrnka. These films were followed by the films Little Crusader by Václav Kadrnka with 9 nominations, Filthy by Tereza Nvotová with 8 nominations and Quartette by Miroslav Krobot with 8 nominations.

In the category of the best film the following five films have been nominated - Barefoot (directed by Jan Svěrák), Filthy (directed by Tereza Nvotová), Ice Mother (directed by Bohdan Sláma), Milada (directed by David Mrnka) and Quartette (directed by Miroslav Krobot). The Czech Lion award for the best documentary feature can be obtained by one of the following films – Cervena (directed by Olga Sommerová), Czech Journal – The Limits of Work (directed by Apolena Rychlíková), Let Misik sing! (directed by Jitka Němcová), The Lust for Power (directed by Tereza Nvotová) and The White World According to Daliborek (directed by Vít Klusák).

This year the television works of art will be awarded in two categories again. Four broadcasters have recommended their deeds – Czech Television, HBO Europe, TV Nova and TV Prima. Three projects with the highest number of votes from the academics will be announced by the means of a press release on 10th February 2018. The winners in the categories of best television film or miniseries and best television drama series will be announced right at the ceremonial gala evening on 10th March 2018. The presidium of the CFTA will also present the award for a Unique Contribution to Czech Film during the ceremonial gala evening.

Apart from the nominations, the winners of the non-statutory awards were also announced at the CFTA press conference. The award for the best film poster was presented to Jiří Karásek and Lukáš Fišárek, the designers of the poster for the film Barefoot. The director Jan Svěrák obtained the award of film fans for his film Barefoot.

In the category of the best actress in a leading role there are the following actresses among the nominees for the Czech Lion – Tereza Voříšková in the movie Barefoot, Dominika Morávková in the film Filthy,  Zuzana Kronerová in the film Ice Mother, Ayelet Zurer for her role in the film Milada and Barbora Poláková in the film Quartette. The following actresses have a chance to obtain the award for the best actress in a supporting role – Anna Šišková for her role in the film Filthy, Sabina Remundová for the film Garden Store: Deserter, Petra Špalková for the film Ice Mother, Tatiana Vilhelmová for her role in the film Ice Mother and Pavlína Štorková for the film Quartetto.

The Czech Lion award in the category of the best actor in a leading role will belong to one of the following nominees – Ondřej Vetchý for the film Barefoot, Pavel Nový for the film Ice Mother, Karel Roden for the film Little Crusader, Vladimír Javorský for the film Milada and Jaroslav Plesl for his role in the film Quartetto. The winner in the category of the best actor in a supporting role can be – Oldřich Kaiser for the movie Barefoot, Patrik Holubář for the film Filthy, Martin Finger for Garden Store: Family Friend, Marek Daniel for his role in the film Ice Mother and Václav Neužil for the film Ice Mother.

The award for the best director can be obtained at the gala evening by one of the following nominees – Jan Svěrák for Barefoot, Tereza Nvotová for her film Filthy, Bohdan Sláma for his film Ice Mother, Václav Kadrnka for his film Little Crusader or Miroslav Krobot for the direction of the film Quartetto.

The CFTA also announced the nominations for the non-statutory Magnesia Awards for the best student film, which is awarded in cooperation with Karlsbad Mineral Water and Czech Film Centre. The winner of the student award can be one of the following nominated films – Atlantis, 2003 (directed by Michal Blaško), Bo Hai (directed by Dužan Duong), Friendly Sport Meeting (directed by Adam Koloman Rybanský), Fruits of Clouds (directed by Kateřina Karhánková) and A Part (directed by Tereza Vejvodová).

The winners of the statutory categories of the 25th Czech Lion will receive a new statuette which is being created in cooperation with the Rückl glassworks. The crystal trophy will have a new look and the production will return to the glassworks in Nižbor.

The ceremonial presentation of the 25th annual awards of the Czech Film and Television Academy  will take place on Saturday 10th March 2018 In Rudolfinum in Prague. The gala evening will be again hosted by Adela Vinczeová. The whole evening will be broadcast live on CT1 channel at 8 o’clock.



Barefoot – producer Jan Svěrák

Filthy – producers Miloš Lochman, Peter Badač, Karel Chvojka

Ice Mother – producers Pavel Strnad, Petr Oukropec

Milada – David Mrnka, Kristina Hejduková, Juan Mayne

Quartetto – producer Ondřej Zima


Cervena – directed by Olga Sommerová – producer Pavel Berčík

Czech Journal – The Limits of Work – directed by Apolena Rychlíková – producers Petr Kubica, Filip Remunda, Vít Klusák

Let Misik sing! – directed by Jitka Němcová – producer Viktor Schwarcz

The Lust for Power – directed by Tereza Nvotová – producers Zuzana Mistríková, Tereza Polachová, Kateřina Černá

The White World According to Daliborek – directed by Vít Klusák – producers Filip Remunda, Vít Klusák


Barefoot – Jan Svěrák

Filthy – Tereza Nvotová

Ice Mother – Bohdan Sláma

Little Crusader – Václav Kadrnka

Quartetto – Miroslav Krobot


Barefoot – Tereza Voříšková

Filthy – Dominika Morávková

Ice Mother – Zuzana Kronerová

Milada – Ayelet Zurer

Quartetto – Barbora Poláková


Barefoot – Ondřej Vetchý

Ice Mother – Pavel Nový

Little Crusader – Karel Roden

Milada – Vladimír Javorský

Quartetto – Jaroslav Plesl


Filthy – Anna Šišková

Garden Store: Deserter – Sabina Remundová

Ice Mother – Petra Špalková

Ice Mother – Tatiana Vilhelmová

Quartetto – Pavlína Štorková


Barefoot – Oldřich Kaiser

Filthy – Patrik Holubář

Garden Store: Family Friend – Martin Finger

Ice Mother – Marek Daniel

Ice Mother – Václav Neužil


Barefoot – Jan Svěrák, Zdeněk Svěrák

Filthy – Barbora Námerová

Ice Mother – Bohdan Sláma

Little Crusader – Jiří Soukup, Vojtěch Mašek, Václav Kadrnka

Quartetto – Miroslav Krobot, Lubomír Smékal


Barefoot – Vladimír Smutný

Filthy – Marek Dvořák

Ice Mother – Diviš Marek

Little Crusader – Jan Baset Střítežský

Milada – Martin Štrba


Barefoot – Alois Fišárek

Filthy – Jiří Brožek, Michal Lánský, Jana Vlčková

Ice Mother – Jan Daňhel

Milada – Olina Kaufmanová

Quartetto – Jan Daňhel


Barefoot – Jakub Čech, Claus Lynge

Ice Mother – Michal Holubec, Marek Poledna

Little Crusader – Jan Čeněk

Milada – Jiří Klenka

Quartetto – Viktor Ekrt


8 Heads of Madness – Vladivojna La Chia

Barefoot – Michal Novinski

Garden Store: Family Friend – Petr Ostrouchov

Little Crusader – Irena Havlová and Vojtěch Havel

Milada – Aleš Březina, Drew Alan


Barefoot – Jan Vlasák

Ice Mother – Jan Vlasák

Laika – Aurel Klimt, Martin Velíšek, František Lipták

Little Crusader – Luca Servino, Daniel Pitín

Milada – Milan Býček


Barefoot – Simona Rybáková

Garden Store: Family Friend – Katarína Štrbová Bieliková

Ice Mother – Zuzana Krejzková

Little Crusader – Katarína Štrbová Bieliková

Milada – Simona Rybáková


Barefoot – Milan Vlček

Garden Store: Family Friend – Zdeněk Klika

Ice Mother – Zdeněk Klika

Little Crusader – Lukáš Král

Milada – Andrea McDonald


Atlantis, 2003 – Michal Blaško

Bo Hai – Dužan Duong

Friendly Sport Meeting – Adam Koloman Rybanský

Fruits of Clouds – Kateřina Karhánková

A Part – Tereza Vejvodová

BEST FILM POSTER – non-statutory award

Barefoot – Jiří Karásek, Lukáš Fišárek – awarded poster

8 Heads of Madness – Anna Krtičková

Cervena – Ondrej Karásek, Jan Malíř

Ice Mother – Aleš Najbrt, Michal Nanoru

Little Crusader – Franta Petrák

AWARD OF FILM FANS – non-statutory award

Barefoot – Jan Svěrák – awarded film


Ice Mother – 15 nominations

Barefoot – 13 nominations

Milada – 10 nominations

Little Crusader – 9 nominations
Filthy – 8 nominations

Quartetto – 8 nominations

Garden Store: Family Friend – 4 nominations

8 Heads of Madness – 1 nominations

Cervena – 1 nomination

Czech Journal ­– The Limits of Work – 1 nomination

Garden Store: Deserter – 1 nomination

Laika – 1 nomination

Let Misik sing! – 1 nomination

The Lust for Power – 1 nomination

The White World According to Daliborek – 1 nomination