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MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 – Workshop 2 is taking off

Press releases 2018-04-16

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018 – Workshop 2 is taking off

Participants from Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and Serbia will gather again from April 19 till April 24, this time in the town of Pilsen, Czech Republic. Finale Plzen Film Festival sets the frame for the second out of three residential MIDPOINT TV Launch workshops and we are happy to share the program with you.

Six TV series projects and sixteen participants have been selected to participate in this Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union supported program to develop their projects over the course of 9 months. The participants will receive an intensive one-to-one tutoring and they will participate in group feedback sessions.

MIDPOINT TV Launch is a workshop program that nurtures and trains emerging talents from the regions of Central and Eastern Europe. The program provides training and tutors the participants in creating rich-in-content, compelling stories and innovative series concepts.

During the second workshop the teams will be guided by Core Tutors Maggie Murphy (USA) and Gabor Krigler (HU), as well as by Director Tutor Rumle Hammerich (DK), Producer Tutor Jacqueline de Goeij (BE) and Guest Tutor Steve Matthews (UK). We will also welcome Anna Katharina Brehm from SerienCamp Conference (GE), Gaia Tridente from MIA (IT), and Ed Wallerfrom C21 Media – Content London (UK), who will join us as experts.

 If you are at Finale Plzen Film Festival, make sure to check out the open program:

April 20 / Friday / 17.00 – 18.30

SHARED VISION – Working in the Creative Triangle / Rumle Hammerich

 April 21 / Saturday / 16.30 – 18.30

So You've Written a Great Pilot... / Steve Matthews

April 22 / Sunday / 16.00 – 17.30

Pitches, Bibles, Pilot Script – Keeping the Show Close at Heart / Jacqueline de Goeij

April 23 / Monday / 17.00 – 18.30

Looking for Partners in the Television Landscape while Keeping Everybody Happy / Jacqueline de Goeij

MIDPOINT's partner HBO Europe will grant a financial annual award to appraise the best project at the final workshop of the year. C21 Media will grant a one-year free subscription to a selected producer participant.


Czech Projects Can Now Apply for the Script Consulting Incubator

The Czech Film Fund´s 2018 call for applications for development support of Czech feature films is now open with the deadline being set to April 25. Filmmakers can now register to the Script Consulting Incubator and also apply for financial and dramaturgical support for the first time.

Projects selected for the Script Consulting Incubator will be provided with a year-long professional script consultancy with top international experts.

The Script Consulting Incubator, which was initiated by the Czech Film Fund, aims to stimulate changes in the practices used in Czech feature film development and to help address the problem of the lack of qualified feedback for local film scripts. The program is being organized for the Czech Film Fund by the international training and networking platform MIDPOINT.

More information on what participation in the Script Consulting Incubator entails is included directly in the Czech Film Fund´s call. (Please note that the projects can be selected in the Incubator only through their application for development support at the film fund.) You can also consult the project´s website.

You can meet representatives of the Czech Film Fund and MIDPOINT at the Finale Plzen Film Festival on Monday, April 23at 10.00 Happy Hour & Coffeewith the Script Consulting Incubator.



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