OPEN CALL: Montenegro announces Public call for co-financing of the minority co-productions

Film Centre of Montenegro announced Public call for co-financing of the minority co-productions.

Registration of users and applications to the call shall be made through the Internet page of the Centre on www.fccg.me. Access to the applications shall be made possible only upon the successful user’s registration.

Projects submitted for this call shall be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

1) Quality and originality of scenario
2) Innovative approach to addressing the topic
3) Possibility for international success of the film
4) Quality of director’s approach
5) Previous director’s success
6) Project’s feasibility (budget, terms, complexity)
7) Producer’s previous success / Montenegrin co-producer
8) Fund secured in advance from the national and international funds
9) Montenegrin share in the project.

The deadline for submitting the applications is until Monday, 30 July 2018, up to 12:00 hrs.

At the previous call for co-financing of minority co-productions, Film Centre of Montenegro supported 6 projects: “God Help Us” by Slobodan Šijan, “Son” by Ines Tanović, “Mamonga” by Stefan Malešević, “All Alone” by Bobo Jelčić, “The Happiness Effect” by Borjan Zafirovski and “Daddy is Playing War” by Gordan Kičić.

Last modified on 03-07-2018