The North Macedonia Film Agency joins the EFADs

The North Macedonia Film Agency has become the 34th member of the European association of Film Agencies, the EFADs, as of May 2019.

The North Macedonia Film Agency joins the EFADs as an associate member, a status open to any film agency located in a country member of the Council of Europe. It allows it to take part in all activities of the association and have partial voting rights.

We strongly believe that the North Macedonia Film Agency would greatly benefit by becoming a member of the EFADs association, which contributes to the actualization of European policies and initiatives by focusing on promotion and distribution of European works and the challenges of the European film industry. Joining the association enables us to exchange information, to share experiences and to strengthen our common aims for European audiovisual industries, by targeting key issues on digital change, copyright, fight against piracy and media literacy. I hope that our collaboration will enable a greater visibility and more intensive collaboration in the years to come.” declared Gorjan Tozija, Director of the North Macedonia Film Agency.


The North Macedonia Film Agency as a governmental body, established under the Film Industry Law officially began its operation in 2014 as a legal successor of the Macedonian Film Fund.

  • The overall responsibility of the Agency is to ensure growth of Macedonian film industry, film tradition and film culture through continuous support of its development, production, distribution, exhibition and promotion. In order to achieve its goals the Agency aims at providing a continuous support to the production of films of national interest, stimulating international filming co-productions (majority and minority co-production), encouraging expert and professional education of film industry professionals, stimulating the creation of national screenplays, promoting Macedonian cinematography at renowned international film festivals, promoting North Macedonia as a filming location as well as administering the Film Production Incentive Programme, aimed to encourage and stimulate investments in film/television projects.
  • It is funded by the grant-in-aid from the Government and through contributions such as broadcasters, cable operators, Internet providers, cinema exhibitors and distributors.


The EFADs is the voice of European Film Agencies, bringing together 34 organisations. European Film Agencies champion European film across different formats and platforms. Their mission is to enable local cultures and different language communities to see their lives represented on screen and for powerful, culturally expressive films to deeply affect hearts and minds to the benefit of the well- being of society across Europe.

EFADs members promote film literacy and storytelling in support of freedom of expression and film culture to ensure filmmaking, film heritage and film as art are accessible and relevant to the many, not the few

List of EFADs’ members: http://www.efads.eu/members/all-our-members.html