@Sufferosa - first interactive Instagram series

@Sufferosa, a Mystery Adventure in III Acts, is an interactive Instagram series that reflects on youthfulness, beauty, and the sense of being lost in a maze you can’t escape. Watch the trailer here.

Thematically, @Sufferosa is a neo-noir thriller and a satire on the cultural obsession with beauty and youth in the present-day world. The story follows a private eye Ivan Johnson looking for a missing woman. His investigation leads him to Carlos von Braun’s Clinic. This is when the interactive part begins - the user becomes the detective and unfolds the story piece by piece adding suspense and intrigue to a narrative.

In this artistic, non-commercial storytelling experiment the directors duo The Kissinger Twins strive to create a new kind of serialized storytelling in social media. @Sufferosablends original footage with samples from classic film, literature, and music (Glass Candy, Sonic Youth), taking influences from adventure games. 

Find a woman trapped in a clinic perfecting eternal youth. Explore all twenty-four accounts of Carlos von Braun’s clinic with videos, stories, carousels, captions, and IGTV.

Act I out now @sufferosa www.instagram.com/sufferosa 

The Kissinger Twins are the directors duo and new media artists. They directed

award-winning interactive experiences and films for Samsung, Channel 4, Philips as well as art projects, such as Webby Awards winning The Trip or SXSW finalist Forget Me Not.


Last modified on 31-05-2019