Script Pool Tallinn call is open for applications

Apply with your script to Script Pool Tallinn competition

The second year in a row, MIDPOINT is partnering up with Industry@Tallin &Baltic Event exquisite Script Pool Tallinn, an international script competition for film, TV and drama series scripts. 

The aim of Script Pool Tallinn is gathering talented screenwriters with producers attached, in order to provide them support enhancing the script and maximizing its potential in different mediums. Feature-length films and TV series from the whole world are eligible. 

Script Pool consists of different workshops and public pitch over the participants’ stay in Tallinn within the Industry @Tallin &Baltic Event (November 25 – 29, 2019)

Only the teams of screenwriter and producer can apply with a full treatment of the project, bearing in mind that after pre-selection the last draft of the script has to be ready for the next selection round. 

Script Pool Award 
Main Prize of 5.000 EUR would be given out by Global Screen Award, to be used for further development of the project. Deadline for applications is September 2, 2019
the final selection of the projects will be announced by October 15, 2019, at the latest. 

Do not hesitate and check the submission details here and apply here.