Doc Lab Poland Hot Selection 2019 - Krzyżoki i Dziwor


Awarded Polish documentaries - Diagnosis by Ewa Pogórska, Horse Riders (Krzyżoki) by Anna Gawlita and Weirdy (Dziwor) by Paweł Dyllus will be shown on September as part of Doc Lab Poland Hot Selection 2019, presenting the best and most awarded Polish documentary films of recent years. Discussions witch filmmakers aftereach  screening will be hosted by Magdalena Juszczyk.

Diagnosis - Monday, 9th of September at 8 pm - Barka Wisława

Diagnosis is a journey into the depths of subconscious of a city formed by human beings. The inhabitants of the city undergo the sessions on the couch. Unlocked by questions, e.g. what kind of animal is the city? they begin their journey into the depths of their own feelings and emotions. The city itself is only the starting point and over time, conversations get more and more intimate. The scenes from life, reminiscences and highly emotional moments interlace with the subjectively perceived shots of the city. They are blending together, complementing and interacting with each other. The fears of the film characters, their desires and unfinished affairs become a common fate.

Horse Riders and Weirdy Tuesday, 17th of September at 8 pm - Cinema Iluzjon

Horse Riders

Thirty farmers begin an equestrian pilgrimage touring the boundaries of nearby villages and fields. Fatigue and inebriation mix with religious ecstasy - a marriage of the sacred and the profane.


After a long break, brilliant artist and director - Bogdan Dziworski is back making a new film. As he works, a unique relationship builds between the director and his young cinematographer - Paweł.

The films were developed in the DOC LAB POLAND - the largest and most multi-faceted program for documentary filmmakers organized in Poland for Polish projects, focusing on supporting auteur, creative documentary filmmaking.

DOC LAB POLAND features a comprehensive program for the development of film projects, based on workshops, individual consultations and panel discussions, as well as a workshop leading to the pitching, aimed at establishing co-production deals for projects participating in the program, or supporting the promotion and distribution of the produced films. It is organized by the Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation.

DOC LAB POLAND HOT SELECTION is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the City of Warsaw. 

Entrance is free 

You can find more information at http://doclab.pl/pl_PL/

Last modified on 12-09-2019