16 feature films, short films and documentaries selected for the fourth edition of FILM +

The call launched in June for the fourth edition of Film +, the tailored support programme for low budget filmmaking, has closed with 73 entries from which 16 projects made the final line-up,  from four countries: 7 feature films, 5 short films and 4 documentaries.

Film + is looking for talent and creativity  in the gray area of graduates or self-taught, supports the step towards the debuts  of these through micro-budget projects, and it does this mostly  using Romanian  know-how and professionals.

FILM +, the project initiated in 2015 by a team of young filmmakers formed by the director Paul Negoescu, the producer Anamaria Antoci, the director of photography Ana Drăghici and Alex Trăilă, consultant in cinema and audiovisual, aims to gather resources and expertise within the collaboration platform to facilitate the transition of filmmakers from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova to the established European filmmaking process.

The 16 projects selected in the Film + 2019 edition will be supported in one of the following directions: script doctoring and packaging in development, logistical, consulting in production and post production. The 30 filmmakers from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia representing the 16 selected projects will meet between October 28 - November 2, in Bucharest, in a residence where masterclasses, individual tutoring sessions and workshops will be held, followed by setting up a work schedule for each project, tailored to their needs. The work program will include for the first part of 2020 working sessions in Chisinau, Belgrade and Sofia.

" We are honoured and obliged by the trust that the filmmakers  have granted  to this extended format edition of Film +. The line-up is extremely diverse, different genres and filmmakers from Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Serbia with a fresh, eclectic cinematic language making the whole process more challenging and intense. Thus, Romania goes into pole position as a training ground  for filmmaker originating in the neighbouring countries.”- Alex Trăilă, co-founder of Film +.

Paul Negoescu and Tudor Jurgiu, film directors, Ana Drăghici -  image director, Anamaria Antoci - film producer, Alex Trăilă - consultant in cinema and audiovisual, and the writer Alex Radu are the tutors of the 4th edition of FILM +, while the writer and the director Andrei Ujică, alongside the film editors Dana Bunescu (Silver Bear awarded Ana, Mon Amour) and Roxana Szel (La Gomera/The Whistler), Adelina Dabu - design thinking facilitator and Maria Tânjală - blockchain technology expert (Big Couch co-founder)  - are the first batch ofț

 mentors for the 30 filmmakers selected.

Projects supported by the 4th Film + edition:


  1. The Last Weekend Of The Summer (Serbia, feature film) - Ninoslav Jovanović
  2. Vincent Vampire (Romania, short film) – Norbert Fodor
  3. Două cruci (Romania, short film) – Serghei Chivirigă
  4. Our Winter's Spring (Bulgaria, feature film) - Yana Lekarska 
  5. Karina (Romania, short film) – Ilinca Hărnuț
  6. Santa Barbara (Moldova, feature film) – Anatol Durbacă 
  7. The Gate Between Us (Romania/ Moldova, documentary) – Ioana Trifu, Ion Gnatiuc


  1. Mareea (Romania, short film) – Andreea Lăcătuș
  2. Her Party (Bulgaria, short film) - Ilina Perianova
  3. Carlito / A Dog's Life (Serbia, documentary) - Ivana Janosev
  4. Obscure (Romania, feature film) – Andrei Ștefănescu
  5. Duckadam (Romania, documentary) – Vladimir Dembinski

Work in progress:

  1. Spring Song (Serbia, feature film) - Nada Savić
  2. Logăneștene Scenes (titlu provizoriu) (Moldova/România, feature film) - Nicolae Gaburici
  3. Lament for the Silent Fool (Bulgaria, feature film) - Dimitar Kutmanov
  4. Haida Jas/Hai cu noi (România, documentar) - Mihai Gavril Dragolea

The program is initiated by Graphis 122 Association and implemented with partners and specialists involved in the mentoring program.

The fourth edition is co-financed by the Creative Europe - MEDIA program of the European Commission, the Administration of the National Cultural Fund *.

Media partners: AaRC.ro, Sub 25, Cinemagia, IQAds, Modernism, Ziarul Metropolis, Filmsi.ro.

* The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the financing.