Kaunas International Film Festival is hosting an event dedicated to artist moving image - On & For Production and Distribution

27/09: Symposium at KIFF
27/09: Artist Film in Focus at KIFF
28/09: Screening at KIFF
28/09: Artist Film in Focusat KIFF

Join us for the On & For events and coinciding 
Kaunas International Film Festival programme.

On & For Production and Distribution Symposium“ is a project focusing on questions dedicated to artist moving image production and distribution. Symposium will host discussions among film and art curators, producers, artists. Event is composed of talks, discussions, film screenings and Q&As with filmmakers.


open to the public
9:30 - 16.00
Location: VDU Didžioji aula, Gimnazijos g. 7, Kaunas


9:30 – 10:00 Welcome and coffee

10:00 - 10:05 Introduction and moderation by Ilona Jurkonytė (Researcher, Film Curator, Artistic Director of Kaunas IFF) 

10:05 – 12:00 Two Approaches to Understanding Artists’ Moving Image: National/Institutional and an Artist Film Case Analysis

Two talks on artists’ moving image (AMI) production experiences, addressing how different production contexts and frameworks affect the kinds of works that are being produced in different countries and how production and dissemination can be centred around individual artistic practices.

10:05 – 11:05 Navigating the Foggy Seas of Artists’ Moving Image Production – Len Murusalu (Artist, Filmmaker, Producer at ChronoLens, EE)

11:05 – 12:00 “On & For Production” Case Study: Labour Power Plant (FR, DE, 2019, 83 min) by Romana Schmalisch (Artist, Filmmaker, DE) and Robert Schlicht (Artist, Filmmaker, DE)

— Labour Power Plant (FR, DE, 2019, 83 min) by Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht will be screened on September 28: Artist Film in Focus

13:30 - 16:00 Defining Artists’ Moving Image Production and Distribution 

How do different institutions participate in AMI production and distribution processes? How does the production process influence not only the kind of work that is being produced, but also its dissemination potentials? What are the best ways to foster new forms of cinema? Do language and formal requirements set by commissioners and funding bodies help open the potentials of audio-visual critical thinking? How can we redefine the notion of “success” in relation to audio-visual work? How can we rethink existing funding structures and initiate more suitable ones? 

Speakers: Lene Berg (Artist, Filmmaker, NO), Mindaugas Bundza (Chief of Staff, Lithuanian Council for Culture, LT), Dr. Lolita Jablonskienė (Lithuanian National Gallery of Art Chief Curator, LT), Audrius Kuprevičius (Film Production Department, Lithuanian Film Centre, LT), Len Murusalu (Artist, Filmmaker, EE), Asta Vaičiulytė (Curator, Contemporary Art Centre, LT), and Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė (Producer, Just a Moment, LT).

Curator Ilona Jurkonytė
Curator’s Assistant Agnė Valatkaitė

Read more on our website:Symposium

Image: Labour Power Plant (2019) by Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht

Artist Film in Focus
Screening and Q&A

open to the public
Location: Kauno kultūros centras, Kęstučio g. 1

The Artist Film in Focusat KIFF invites Lene Berg to screen her latest film, False Belief (NO, 2019, 105 min), and to engage in a conversation on the making of the film together with her protagonist, known as D in the film. 

False Belief is the love story of a couple caught up in the gentrification of a neighborhood that is wiping out a seminal African-American cultural legacy and displacing its original residents. In 2008 Norwegian artist and filmmaker Lene Berg moved in with her partner, a black New York publisher, who will be referred to as D. After giving a statement to the police about being harassed by his neighbor in Harlem, D was arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. But for what exactly? This initiated a journey where D's faith in the American justice system put everything he cherished in life at risk.

Curator Ilona Jurkonytė
Assistant Curator Agnė Valatkaitė

Read more on our website:Artist Film in Focus

open to the public
Location: Kauno kultūros centras, Kęstučio g. 1

On & For is delighted to screen the latest films of Beatrice Gibson, I Hope I am Loud When I’m Dead (UK, 2018, 20 min) and Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters (UK, 2019, 23 min), at Kaunas International Film Festival.

I Hope I am Loud When I'm Dead

Reframing our current political moment in intimate terms, Gibson's urgent snapshot of social calamities doubles as a document of practical resistance. Pauline Oliveros' music and the words of poets CAConrad and Eileen Myles imbue images of street riots and refugee migration with graceful complexity.

Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters

Two sisters (who are not sisters), two pregnancies, a two-seater car, a beauty queen, a poodle. The election of a second fascist – this time in Brazil. A crime thriller without a crime, Two sisters unfolds like a dream. 

Curator Ilona Jurkonytė
Assistant Curator Agnė Valatkaitė

Read more on our website: Screening

Screening and Q&A
open to the public

The Artist Film in Focus at KIFF welcomes back the artists Robert Schlicht and Romana Schmalisch to On & For to screen their film Labour Power Plant (FR, DE, 2019, 85 min) and to engage in a conversation on the film. 

A new production centre, set in an undetermined future. What is being produced here? People with their own wills, interests and desires are being equipped with the different physiological, cognitive, psychological and social core competencies to transform them into human resources. Welcome to Labour Power Plant.

Labour Power Plant was one of the first projects to be supported by On & For Production, with a Work Session in 2014, and we are thrilled to see it released!

Don't miss the artists discussing the production of this film during the On & For Production and Distribution Symposium in Kaunas on 27 September. 
Location: Kauno kultūros centras, Kęstučio g. 1

Read more on our website: Artist Film in Focus

On & For Production and Distribution

On & For Production and Distribution (On & For) is a cooperative European project that is conceived to advance and strengthen the field of artists’ moving image. 

On & For is a project initiated by Auguste Orts (BE) in collaboration with Kaunas International Film Festival (LT), LUX/LUX Scotland (UK) and Nordland Art and Film School (NO).

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.