Meet the Participants of Kids Kino.Lab 2019/20 development programme

    Next great thing is just around the corner! We are happy to announce that 4th edition of Kids Kino.Lab (former: Kids Film.Pro), international script development program, will start with the first session on 26th of November in Poznań (Poland)  thanks to International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! 

    Workshops in Poznań will be the first out of four stationary sessions dedicated to films and series development  for young audience. The entire programme lasts 10 months and will take place in Greece (Athens), Czech Republic (Zlin) and Poland(Poznań & Warsaw). Guided by screenwriting tutors, participants of the program will develop their work from synopsis (concept) all the way to well-developed, second draft of the screenplay with initial production assumptions. 


    4th Kids Kino.Larb will focus on developing the following projects:

    GROUP 1, tutor: Philip Lazebnik 

    Enchanted in Music, fiction film, scriptwriter Jacek Bławut and producer Bartek Gliński (Poland)
    Ring of Life, fiction film, scriptwriter Kataryna Kopylova and producer Sashko Subko (Ukraine)
    The Gauntlet, fiction film, scriptwriter Nikos Dayandas and producer Stelios Apostolopoulos (Greece)
    Happy End, fiction film, scriptwriter: tbc and producer Agnieszka Dziedzic (Poland)

    GROUP 2, tutor: Kirsten Bonen Rask

    Don’t drink our blood, fiction film, scriptwriter Tomáš Pavlíček and producer Tomáš Michálek (Czech Republic).
    Dustzone, fiction film, scriptwriter Stefan Titka and producer Vratislav Šlajer (Czech Republic).
    Really Great Adventure, fiction film, Emil Płoszajski and producer Karolina Galuba (Poland).
    Fantasylum, animated film, scriptwriter Martyna Wojcieszek and producer Natalia Łodygowska (Poland).

    GROUP 3, TUTOR: Armin Prediger

    The Family Coat, animated series, scriptwriter Fokion Xenos and producer Isabella Alopoudi (Greece).
    A little pilot, animated series,  scriptwriter, Eliška Chytková and producer Petr Babinec (Czech Republic).
    Johan, Sebastiana & Bach, animated series, scriptwriter Kajetan Kusina and producer Anna Gnyś (Poland).
    Sex O'clock, fiction series, scriptwriter Matěj Randár and producer Karolína Zalabáková

    4th Kids Kino.Lab will include industry masterclasses, guidance of tutors and established screenwriters as well as meetings with the producers’ tutor Ronald Kruschak who will help participants in developing their production plans, identifying production needs and potential problems. During sessions in Poznań, the participants will learn how to construct characters, develop a treatment and will find out about constructing the screenplay’s sequence and structure. 



     PHILIP LAZEBNIK - Feature Script Script Tutor

    Philip is a screenwriter, writer of plays and a screenwriting consultant. Originally associated with Disney Studios and Dream Works. His screenwriting credits include Mulan and Pocahontas for Disney, and The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado for DreamWorks, among many others.

    KIRSTEN BONNEN RASK - Feature Script Script Tutor

    Kirsten is an experienced script consultant in all formats – shorts, features, TV series, and documentaries for adults as well as for children.

    ARMIN PREDIGER -  Series Script Tutor

    Armin has worked in the film industry for 30 years, 24 of those as a writer, head writer and script editor in live-action and animation.

    RONALD KRUSCHAK - Producer’s Tutor

    Germany-based producer, writer and tutor/lecturer with a track record of twenty years of filmmaking focusing on Family Entertainment.

    Kids Kino.Lab is a project organised by New Horizons Association Educational Department - a non-governmental organisation, founded in 2003 by Roman Gutek. Its main objective is the promotion and popularization of unconventional, artistically challenging cinema. 

    Kids Kino.Lab workshops are co-financed by Creative Europe Media and Polish Film Institute. 

    Our partners are: International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! , Athens International Children's Film Festival, Zlin Film Festival and Kids Kino Industry

    Selected projects will be presented at the Kids Kino Industry (former: Warsaw Kids Film Forum) 2020 – an international co-production forum, which is an industry part of Kids Kino International Film Festival.

    Let’s get started, let’s get creative!