The first edition of NEM Zagreb gathered world-renowned producers, writers and actorsalong with foreign and domestic media

Zagreb, December 12th - NEM Zagreb, the largest TV market in Central and Eastern Europe, officially started today for the first time at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. Unlike the already established NEM Dubrovnik, NEM Zagreb is focusing on creating TV and film content. Some of the most influential people in the TV industrywill gather in Zagreb from December 11 to 13in order to share their knowledge about content creation. 

What to expect at NEM Zagreb?

NEM Zagreb offers panels, case study presentations, exclusive screenings and networking events as well as conversations with world-renowned TV professionals. NEM Zagreb will welcome Allan Starski, an Oscar winner for his work on “Schindler’s List”, Frank Spotnitz, Golden Globe winner for his work on “X-Files”, Larry Namer, co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, Billy Campbell, “Cardinal” lead actor, along with many others.

Writers will also have a chance to upgrade their expertise atexpert-led workshops on screen writing using Story-Type Method.

Strong European original production

A warm welcome was offered by Sanja Božić Ljubičić, NEM’s CEO, together with Kazimir Bačić, General Director of Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), followed by the premiere of HRT’s feature documentary film “The Age of Uskoks”, as an example of an original production. 

We are excited for our partnership with NEM and are happy to see it in Zagreb for the first time. This is a great opportunity to premiere our original content”, said Mr. Bačić.

The first day of NEM Zagreb also featured a discussion about the growth of original European productions. Stephen Driscoll, EVP EMEA & European co-productions at all3media international, emphasized the importance of original content and pointed out the possibility of European TV shows taking over the world: “Broadcasters want original content. If they have a big enough budget, they can buy an idea and adjust it to the local audience. The audience has become more open-minded, making the language barrier smaller and creating anopportunity for original productions. Having more original content is a healthy thing for market diversity.”

There is strength in co-production 

Michele Zatta, commissioning editor in charge of international co-productions at Rai Fiction, presentedcooperation between three top European broadcasters in creating high-quality content.

“This alliance existed in the 70’s but in a different form.Today’s market landscape is changing very quickly. Co-production needs time, patience and trust. Also, our task is rather challenging because our project has to be successful in three different countriesZatta emphasized.

He also offered a glimpse of some of the Alliance’s projects and emphasized the quality which such cooperation results in: “Considering the public broadcasters role connected to democracy, we carefully have in mind on which projects to focus. For example, Cacciatore (The Hunter) is a new series about prosecuting mafia in Italy made entirely by first-time writers.”

Another highly successful European co-production was presented by Dariusz Jablonski, producer, director, scriptwriter and CEO of Apple Film Production. Jablonski presented “The Pleasure Principle”, a transnational co-production fromEastern Europe

We decided to film in original locations in Poland, Czech and Ukraine and work with a different crew in every country. All three national broadcasters were rather open to the idea of cooperation. Producers should come together and broadcasters will follow the idea of co-production”, Jablonski concluded.

TV Writing Contest: Perfect opportunity to pitch original ideas

Alongside panels, presentations and screenings, NEM Zagreb is also abusiness opportunity for writers with good ideas regardless of their experience. The TV Writing Contest will reach its peak on Friday duringspecially organized Meet &Greet. Authors of six best scripted and unscripted scenarios will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to representatives of world’s most famous production companies and a chance to win a € 5,000 prize.

See the complete NEM Zagreb agenda hereneweumarket.com/zagreb/agenda-2019/