Our members are working hard at the moment to adapt and take relevant actions to bring cinema, culture and entertainment into public's homes, in this global context of COVID-19 restrictive measures. Member platforms are working (remotely) to set up new offers and support partners and rights holders in the audiovisual sector, institutional and educational organisations, as well as their regular audience. Here are a number of the new actions and offers made available by some EuroVoD members' services:

Rent a film for free from the whole catalogue: use the code TOGETHERWITHFILM at check out to watch the film for free.
Territories available: worldwide

The platform offers a permanent promotion on a selection of TVOD movies and specific promotions, such as a promo campaign (current titles starting 1,99€). The SVOD service offers a one month free trial. New actions are initiated on social media with videos by journalists with a recommendations, called "Carte postale de...". E-cinema releases will be available as soon as the regulatory context is defined and confirmed for premium movies that couldn't benefit from a full exploitation on theaters.
Territories available: France

The platform is one of the hosts of Vilnius films festival, Kino Pavasaris, which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival moved online, making it the first online film festival online in Lithuania.
Territories available: Lithuania

IFF Kino Pavasaris's selection will be available on the platform for 3 weeks, as well as other the platforms in the country.
Territories available: Lithuania

All TVOD and EST films available on Lacinetek.de get a 50% discount.
Territories available: Germany, Austria

Stream Massenet’s Manon from the Opéra de Paris for free. In April, for each performance that were on the schedule to be live streamed, a program from the catalog featuring those same artists will be available to everyone for free. Read their full statement here.
Territories available: worldwide

One-month free subscription of the service by entering the code NOKNOKNOK
Territories available: French-speaking territories

Pickbox NOW unlocked its service for free in the Adriatic region from March 13 and this promotion is active until the current situation remains.
Territories available: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and North Macedonia.

Tënk has teamed up with a long-time partner festival "Cinéma du réel" in Paris which was meant to take place in March: for two weeks, their 2020 edition is on Tënk with most of the selected films, which are recent, rare and high quality. Each film is online for a week and with a limited number of screenings. They are in discussion with European festivals to build similar partnerships.
Territories available: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Starting March 20th, every new member is offered a free rental to watch on the site.
Territories available: Sweden

Cinema@home on universcine.be presents 30 e-cinema releases and it will be duplicated for the Luxemburg market on VOD.lu in agreement with right-holders. Cinemabelgealamaison hosts 1000 Belgian films on TVOD and more than 200 n SVOD through UnCut, organized by Centre du Cinéma and Ministre de la Culture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Bénédicte Linard. Starting March 30, vod.lu will host the films selected for LuxFilmFest 2020, which was cancelled this month.
Territories available: Belgium, Luxembourg

Promo campaign called Univers Solidaire with 300 films at 0,99€, which was covered the press. The editorial team came up with a dedicated film selection, "Confinement de chefs d'oeuvre", as well as a selection for kids in partnership with Little KMBO at a 50% discount. The platform hosts Fête du Court Métrage with 3 free shorts, as well as the AFCA festival with a pass. Universciné is partnering with SDI (independent distributors) to host a corner for the syndicate's members as an alternative for their work.
Territories available: France

Other member platforms are working at the moment on taking actions and setting up new offers by working closely with rights holders and institutions, such as Vodclub.online in Austria, Lacinetek.com en France and more actions for KinoFondas in Lithuania.



Good news in these challenging times: we wish a warm welcome to medici.tv as new EuroVoD Core Member! Medici.tv is a leading classical music and live events channel, operating worldwide since 2008.


EFAD: Measures taken to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak

National Film & Audiovisual Funds across Europe are mobilised to take necessary measures to mitigate the consequences for everybody working in the sector. They are reorganising their internal functioning and procedures in order to continue to operate and award support, adjusting existing schemes to introduce more flexibility or creating specific ones to address the current difficulties. Here is a summary by country.

European Audiovisual Observatory reports

AI in the Audiovisual Industry: The AI workshop aimed at setting the scene,with an overview of the different fields of application of AI in the media sector, and addressed the potential impact of AI on news production and distribution. You can download the full summary here
production You can also download the report on the Visibility of AV works on TVOD, which finds that 24% of films promoted by TVOD services are European.

MAVISE Database Tutorial

The European Audiovisual Observatory also completed a useful and clear short video tutorial on our MAVISE Database on TV channels, on-demand services and licences in Europe. Watch it here.

Nostradamus Report: A Creative Explosion 2020

Göteborg Film Festival published their report, which aims to sketch out the future of the screen industries 3–5 years from now, through interviews with industry experts and research. You can download it online.

CineRegio Report

Green Report 2020: You can download the 4th Edition of the CineRegio Green Report which provide an overview on environmentally friendly efforts and practices taken by 15 regional film funds. Find it here.

Free Webinar: Benefiting from fragmentation & frustration in the video industry

Dataxis co-hosted a free webinar with Mirada exploring the origins of the upcoming AVoD influx, the causes and cures for subscriber fatigue, how to fill the leanback experience gap, and creating a universal experience. You can watch it online.

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