dok.incubator introduces 8 teams for the 2020 workshop

From 104 applications from 50 countries the dok.incubator selection committee chose eight talented filmmakers' teams who will have the opportunity to work intensively on their documentary films with the support of more than 20 internationally established producers, editors and sales agents for more than 6 months.

Director: Tuija Halttunen, Producer: Niina Virtanen, Editor: Jussi Sandhu

Clouds by Tuija Halttunen portrays a Finnish climate scientist Hannele Korhonen, a recipient of a unique research grant from the United Arab Emirates. Korhonen’s enthusiasm about her science research is gradually accompanied by omnipresent questions regarding the scientist’s responsibility and unavoidable inner conflicts.

Director: Renato Borrayo Serrano, Producer: Vlad Ketkovich, Editor: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas

Guatemalan director Renato Borrayo Serrano‘s Life of Ivanna is an observational documentary depicting the life of a comunity of Nenet nomadic reindeer herders in the Russian arctic. The film follows Ivanna and her family as it shows the dramatic changes in her life, emigrating from traditional way of life to live in the city, motivated by the deteriorating conditions of life in tundra and climate change.

Director: Farah Kassem, Producer: Cynthia Choucair, Co-producers: Patricia Drati, Mohammed Belhaj, Editor: Anders Jepsen

In we are inside, Farah Kassem returns to her hometown Tripoli in Lebanon and visits her father's poetry club that's run by elderly men. Realizing that it's only through poetry that she'll be able to have a real and equal dialogue with her father and the poets, she challenges herself and asks to be granted permission to become the first female member at the club. Meanwhile, the outside world is getting hard to ignore.

Director: Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård, Producers: Andrew Grant, Øyvind Nyborg Gregersen, Editors: Truls Krane Meby, Stéphanie Morin

Diagnonsense is Norwegian director Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård’s self-reflexive documentary about her experience of being diagnosed with several mental disorders over a fifteen year period. With a meta-approach, a newfound critical distance from her diagnoses, and years of reflection, she is ready to tell her story and to challenge the very need for psychological labelling.

Director: Mila Turajlic, Producers: Carine Chichkowsky, Mila Turajlic, Editor: Sylvie Gadmer

Director Mila Turajlic takes us on an intimate archival road-trip with Stevan Labudovic, the cameraman of Yugoslav president Tito, re-discovering through The Labudovic Reels the images of African and Asian liberation movements and revolutionary leaders that defined the era of the 60s and 70s. An examination of a life invested in the cinema of solidarity, and the key role it played in the information battle that defined the era of decolonization.

Director: Francesco Montagner, Producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Co-producer: Nadia Trevisan, Editor: Valentina Cicogna

In Brotherhood the Italian director Francesco Montagner brings an intimate portrayal of contemporary Bosnia and its insular Salafi community in the story of three brothers, suddenly loosing strict and rigid guidance due to their father imprisonment for terrorism. Brotherhood is an anthropological exploration of youth, brotherhood, religion, and extremism in the most radicalized region of Europe.

Director: Lukasz Kowalski, Producer: Anna Mazerant, Editor: Adriana Fernández

Lukasz Kowalski’s film debut invites us to The biggest Pawnshop in the south of Poland run by a couple of extraordinary entrepreneurs Jola and Wiesiek. Surrounded by thousands of bizarre objects, accompanied by touching figures of the neighborhood they feel for, they are trying to find a way to save their business and love.

Producer: Florian Schewe, Editor: Till Ufer

The UNTITLED TURKEY PROJECT follows one of the most famous, internationally acclaimed lawyers in Turkey, who has successfully defended human and women’s rights for decades. Now she is being accused herself. The lawyer is threatened by life imprisonment and declared the enemy of the state even before a fair trial. We follow a woman who fights for justice, not with weapons but with words.

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