"M" and "Sister" selected at "Sofia Meeting Works in Progress", "The Sign" at "We Are One: A Global Film Festival"

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that this period is important for the wider presentation of the Macedonian cinematography, especially films by the younger Macedonian directorial names. In the program of the 17th Edition of "Sofia Meeting Works in Progress" which started on May 27, two Macedonian films were selected: "M" by director Vardan Tozija and "Sister" by director Dina Duma.

"M" is a film about eight-year-old Marko, who, after being left alone without his broken and paranoid father, leaves the magic forest for the first time in order to find answers to the strange "M" letter inscribed on his hand.

"Sister" is a feature-length debut by young Macedonian director Dina Duma and tells the story of two teenage girls whose friendship is put to the test when they are confronted with the consequences of their decadent behavior.

The film "The Sign" by Macedonian director Eleonora Veninova has been selected in the program of the virtual film festival on YouTube "We Are One: A Global Film Festival" which starts on May 29 and will last until June 7, presenting in one place a line-up from twenty film festivals, including Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Karlovy Vary and others. Eleonora Veninova's "Sign" was part of the omnibus of five short films - a project of Southeast European Factory (SEE Factory) inspired by the concept "La Factory" founded by Dominique Welinski and Cannes Directors 'Fortnight, 2019 (Quinzaine des réalisateurs), where it had it’s premiere.