CICAE launches international action campaign “Back To Cinema”

    The International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas (CICAE), in collaboration with the German initiative, #ZurückInsKino, has started an international social media campaign under the name #BackToCinema.

    The action consists of some motifs created specifically to be used on Facebook profile images and other social media, containing the phrase "Back to Cinema", not only in English but also in several other languages.

    The idea behind this campaign started from #ZurückInsKino, the German platform created to bring
    film exhibitors together during the pandemic and beyond, where they can support each other with sharing ideas and good practices on how to engage their audience, as well as on how to strengthen the public perception of cinemas as community hubs.

    “Five film lovers from different corners of the German cinema branch started off from the idea of bringing film theatres together. We didn't know what a high pontetial it had, but we wanted to provide a platform that lives from great local ideas, adaptable in different cinemas. It gained momentum unexpectedly and developed an incredible sense of sharing and doing marketing together, always having the local audience in mind.” says Thilo Pickartz, one of the initators of the platform.

    With this campaign, on one hand, we would like to raise awareness among the international audience on the importance that cinema theatres have for our community and life; on the other hand, we would like this action to be a way to involve the audience in the action and fuel the desire of people to return to the cinema, when time will allow.

    Christian Bräuer, president of the CICAE considers that “during times of crisis we are redicovering the strength of networks and this project is a perfect example of that. It creates synergies between exhibitors and it also makes possible for members of the audience to show engagement with their cinemas. At the moment of reopenings across many territories we set a sign that cinemas will grow strong again as their loyal spectators return #backtocinema”.

    How does Back to Cinema work?
    Everyone can join by making use of the visuals and links to the frames available on: http://cicae.org/en/coronavirus/back-to-cinema. Thanks to the collaboration between CICAE members, the national arthouse cinemas organisations, film insitutes and independent cinemas, the network gathered already 12 different languages. #BacktoCinema is available in: English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian and Spanish.

    Further languages will be added, also upon request.