The winners of the 11. New Horizons Studio+ announced!

    New Horizons Studio+ organized by the New Horizons Association and Creative Europe Desk Poland, consisted of workshops and lectures on various aspects related to the project promotion and development.


    New Horizons Studio+ selects European director-producer pairs who are developing their first or second feature film. 10 emerging talents from Poland and 10 from Spain, Estonia, Romania, Ukraine and Serbia took part in the programme under the supervision of the following experts: David Pope (London Film Academy), Alya Belgaroui-Degalet (EAVE) representing Wild Bunch, Michael Arnon (EAVE) from Wolf Consultants and sales agent Hédi Zardi - CEO of Luxbox.

    The New Horizons Studio+ programme was completed with a meeting with Nguyet Nguyenová from Gruvi.

    The participants took part in the pitching contest. The jury (composed of David Pope, Michael Arnon, Hédi Zardi as well as Creative Europe Desk Poland, New Horizons Association, London Film Academy and Ale kino+ television channel representatives) awarded three projects.

    The New Horizons Studio+ /The London Film Academy Award goes to Polish project Dukie (directed by Grzegorz Mołda and produced by Ludka Kierczak).

    Jury statement: 

    Don’t get us wrong, "Dukie" is not a simple coming of age story, it’s the promise of an exalted search of the father figure in a Poland of the ‘90. In the light of his previous beautiful short film, we foreshadow a strong promising first feature film. This award is an encouragement to write and carry out the promise of this film. It is a dense project that deserves in-depth work. We hope you will do the best to bring to light the different fascinating facets of this story. Good luck and bravo dear Grzegorz!

    The award is project consultation with David Pope (London Film Academy).

    The Ale kino+ Television Channel Award, which is the Letter of Intent for TV broadcast goes to Eastonian project Reconstruction (directed by Evar Anvelt, produced by Andreas Kask).

    Jury statement: The team were supportive of each other in presenting the challenging themes and complex structure of this story in an approachable way. The materials provided were coherent and well prepared demonstrating in-depth approach to the story. Congratulations!

    Special Mentions goes to Serbian project Usud (directed by Stefan Malešević, produced by Andrijana Sofranić Šućur) and Spanish project Nina (In My Beginning is My End) by Andrea Jaurrieta Bariain (director) and Ivan Luis (producer).

    Jury statement about Usud:

    We wanted to encourage the ancestral poetry of certain beliefs brought to the screen by an inspired director. From the myth to reality there is only one step, from his own roots to this film, one crucial element - a talented storyteller. This mention is to encourage Stefan’s unique inspiration: Japanese prints projected onto Serbian landscapes. 

    Jury statement about Nina (In My Beginning is My End):

    The confident presentation of this story succeeded in balancing the important social themes with the genre expectations of the project. Well done!

    Congratulations to the winners and thank to all the participants and partners: EAVE, London Film Academy, Romanian Institute of Culture, Ale kino+ as well as media partners: Film & TV Kamera, Film Pro and Film New Europe.


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