VENICE PRODUCTION BRIDGE - VPB Newsletter # 5 - Final Cut in Venice workshop/ Seminar On Gender Equality and Inclusivity in the Film Industry/ New Frontiers for Film Business

    It's halfime at the Venice Production Bridge (VPB), organised by La Biennale di Venezia, during the 77. Venice International Film Festival. The event is being held on site at the Excelsior Hotel and online. Over the past four days it has hosted numerous international panels and the one-to-one meetings of the Venice Gap-Financing Market and the Book Adaptation Rights Market. As this part of the VPB is wrapping up, further important panels will take place over the coming days and the workshop of Final Cut in Venice will commence tomorrow.

    As the first major Industry event to take place since the lockdown, the Venice Production Bridge is giving space to the film community to come together, to take stock and to find ways on how to move forward. It also demonstrates how film markets can be organised, under the current circumstances, respecting all of the sanitary measures, allowing for in-person attendance and actual face-to-face meetings, while also existing virtually for the wider film industry still unable to travel.

    One the VPB Live Channel you will be able to follow the upcoming panels and presentations. Those that have taken place over the past few days are now becoming available to watch again.


    September 7- 9, 2020

    Tomorrow the Final Cut in Venice workshop, taking place online, will kick off.
    Presenting 6 selected work-in-progress films coming from Algeria, Lebanon and Syria, this will give them the opportunity of finding the post-production financing, as well as distribution opportunities, through our supporters and participants.

    The workshop will consist in three days of activities:

    Monday September 7 and Tuesday 8: 
    The working copies of the six films are screened to producers, buyers, distributors, post-production companies and film festival programmers.

    Presentation and Q&A (via Zoom).
    All FCV directors and producers will be able to follow the workshop by connecting through a Zoom Room with the FCV supporters and industry delegates to introduce and discuss their works.

    FILMS SCREENINGS (via Festival Scope Pro): Access to the screenings will be possible, only  during the workshop at the times indicated on the program, through a link placed under each project’s profile at the Final Cut in Venice page on the VPB website http://veniceproductionbridge.org/fcv
    An automatic email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been sent to you with a link to activate your credentials.

    Wednesday, September 9:
    Virtual one-to-one meetings between professionals attending the Venice Production Bridge and the filmmakers of the projects will be organized on Zoom. Book your meetings and you will receive the link and access codes for the individual Zoom room of the project you are meeting with.

    Link to Book the Meetingsat the end of the page, through the red button.

    New Frontiers for Film Business: What Changes after the Lockdown?

    Confronting models and strategies - a dialogue between Europe - USA - China.
    Special Event by  DGCA MiBACT, ANICA

    September 7, 15.00

    Book to attend in-person at the Spazio Incontri or watch on the VPB Live Channel

    Full details on the panel

    Annual Seminar on Gender Equality and Inclusivity in the Film Industry.

    Organized by La Biennale, Eurimages, Women in Film Television and Media Italy and Dissenso Comune

    September 8, 11:00

    Book to attend in-person at the Spazio Incontri or watch on the VPB Live Channel

    Full details on the panel

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