Digitally restored film Night Riders will world premiere at Lumière Festival in Lyon

    Night Riders heading to Lumière Festival!

    We are thrilled to announce that digitally restored Slovak classic Night Riders, from the collections of the National Film Archive of the Slovak Film Institute, will be world premiered at the 11th Lumière Festival in Lyon (10 – 18 October 2020).

    SFI will also participate in the Marché International du Film Classique.

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    „If they catch him, his myth will fall. If he escapes, he becomes a legend.“

    Original title: Noční jazdci
    Country: Czechoslovakia (CS)
    Year of production: 1981
    Duration: 91 min.

    Director: Martin Hollý
    Screenplay: Tibor Vichta
    DoP: František Uldrich, Vladimír Smutný
    Music: Svetozár Stračina
    Editor: Maximilián Remeň
    Cast: Radoslav Brzobohatý, Michal Dočolomanský, Leopold Haverl, Jozef Adamovič, Ivan Palúch, Karol Čálik, Ľubomír Paulovič

    Production company: Slovenská filmová tvorba Bratislava, Filmové studio Barrandov
    Sales: Slovak Film Institute | Rastislav Steranka |
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.sfu.sk

    They fought for the same ideals of freedom in the Great War. If they met in the trenches they would be friends now. After the war, Edo Halva joined the service of the newly established republic to protect its laws and maintain the order. Marek Orban returned to his village to secure a better life for his people with a plan that requires money. A lot of it. He crosses the border every night smuggling horses. During the day, the two men respect each other. At night they shoot to kill without blinking an eye. One wears a uniform, the other is an outlaw. Each of them fights in the name of his own truth. 
    October 15 | 19:30 | Institut Lumière
    October 16 | 18:15 | Pathé Bellecour
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