“The Day Vladimir Died” is the biggest winner of this year's ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum. The project, directed by Fadi Syriani, won four awards in ANIMARKT Pitching. Apart from it, seven more films were awarded. The awards gala ended this year's ANIMARKT edition, which gathered online over half a thousand participants from 34 countries and made it possible to conduct over 260 business talks.

    15 projects at the stage of the first script and the outline of the visual concept took part in Pitching.

    - I was very impressed with the variety of themes and the dynamic poetics of the final projects - says Markéta Šantrochová, a member of the jury and emphasizes that the online event was organized not only professionally, but also with a great understanding of the participants' needs.

    Ultimately, due to the high level of presentations, as many as 8 films were awarded. "The Day Vladimir Died" won 4 awards: a voucher worth PLN 40,000 to be used at CeTA Studio in Wrocław, purchase of a license by Ale kino +, RADIATOR IP SALES distribution award and expert consultation with Marcin Zalewski. This project, directed by Fadi Syriani, tells the story of an inhabitant of Beirut, a regular at funerals looking for his own obituary.

    The jury also appreciated the minimalist but perfectly elegant aesthetics and the captivating rhythm of "The Family Portrait" directed by Lea Vidakovic. The project was awarded a CeTA Studio voucher worth PLN 60,000. A two-week residency at the Quirino Cristiani Animation Center in Cordoba, Argentina, an award funded by APALAB, was received by the project "Skin" directed by Gabriel Nunes do Carmo.

    The prize sponsored by Dragonframe was given to the project "Carcassonne-Acapulco" directed by Marjorie Caup and Olivier Heraud, and industry accreditation for the MIFA 2021 fair in Annecy, went to the project "Fia" directed by Luciana Martinez and Iván Stur. The CEE Animation Forum accreditation was awarded to the creators of "Labra Cadabra, Klaipeda Jazz". The second Ale Kino + award in the form of a license purchase went to the creator of "Sweater" - Kinga Górak.

    A Special Distinction in the form of accreditation for next year's ANIMARKT in recognition of the touching and thrilling history and outstanding artistic quality was granted to the project "Electra. A Poem” by Daria Kashcheeva.

    The awards gala ended this year's fifth jubilee edition of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum. It included nearly 40 events that were broadcasted on a virtual platform all over the world. The online formula of the event made it possible to gather in one place representatives of the stop motion industry from Europe, Latin America, the United States to India.

    - It would definitely not be possible to meet in such a large group with participants from such distant countries, especially in the conditions of a pandemic - emphasizes Agnieszka Kowalewska-Skowron from MOMAKIN, the event organizer, and adds that the biggest challenge of the online edition was the organization of workshops, which was complex from reasons such us participation of people from different time zones, among others.

    - Nevertheless, the online formula was also proved to be successful - says Paulina Zacharek. - Our greatest concerns about whether the forum will retain its character and continue to be a place where the entire stop motion industry gathers and exchanges opinions were groundless. It turned out that this community actually functions online, truly experiences this event, actively participates and comment. You could feel this energy exchange during chats and conversations - she adds.

    ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum is co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland from the Cultural Promotion Fund, International Visegrad Fund and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The main partners of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum 2020 are EC1 Łódź - City of culture and Lodz Film Commission.


    MOMAKIN connects the world of animated film makers with the international production, distribution and promotion market. It specializes in stop motion projects. Supports animations at each stage of their creation: from planning and financing all the way to distribution. It runs a talent agency and initiates and carries out film projects in Poland and abroad. It engages in the education and professionalisation of the film industry. MOMAKIN organises the ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum – the world’s only industry event dedicated to the stop motion animation. 

    List of awarded projects:

    1. Dragonframe 4 Software goes to: CARCASSONNE-ACAPULCO, Dir.: Marjorie Caup and Olivier Heraud
    2. Expert consultation with MARCIN ZALEWSKI goes to: THE DAY VLADIMIR DIED, Dir.: Fadi Syriani
    3. SPECIAL MENTION goes to: ELECTRA. A POEM, Dir.: Daria Kashcheeva
    4. Industry accreditation for MIFA 2021 goes to: FIA, Dir.: Luciana Martinez and Iván Stur
    5. CEE ANIMATION FORUM accreditation goes to: LABRA CADABRA, KLAIPEDA JAZZ, Dir.: Olga Ti and Julia Titowa
    6. 2-week residency at the Quirino Cristiani Animation Center in Cordoba (Argentina) – funded by APALAB goes to: SKIN, Dir.: Gabriel Nunes do Carmo
    7. Voucher worth PLN 40 000 (approx. 9 000 EUR) for using the studio and film production facilities – distinction funded by the Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) in Wrocław goes to: THE DAY VLADIMIR DIED, Dir.: Fadi Syriani 
    8. Voucher worth PLN 60 000 (approx. 13 500 EUR) for using the studio and film production facilities – distinction funded by the Audiovisual Technology Center (CeTA) in Wrocław goes to: THE FAMILY PORTRAIT, Dir.: Lea Vidakovic
    9. Purchase of a license by ALE KINO+ goes to: THE DAY VLADIMIR DIE, Dir Fadi Syriani and SWEATER

    Dir.: Kinga Górak

    10. Distribution award by RADIATOR IP SALES goes to: THE DAY VLADIMIR DIED, Dir.: Fadi Syriani