Czech documentaries selected for Visions du Réel, CPH:DOX and Hot Docs

    The recently unveiled programmes of the Visions du Réel festival and CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival confirm the good condition of Czech documentaries beyond borders of the Czech Republic. In Nyon, Living Water will celebrate its international premiere in the National Competition, and co-production documentary Gorbachev. Heaven takes part in the Grand Angle section. Both films have also been selected for noncompetitive sections of the CPH:DOX. Furthemore, A Marriage will celebrate world premiere within the Hot Docs Canadian EFP programme, and Blix will be pitched at the Hot Docs Forum.


    Visions du Réel - National Competition
    international premiere
    Czech Republic, Switzerland, Jordan 2020 / 77 min
    Directed by: Pavel Borecký
    Produced by: Pavel Borecký / Anthropictures (CZ)
    Co-produced by: Pandistan (CZ), University of Switzerland (CH), University of Jordan (JO)

    The vibration of machines echoes across the desert. Ever since Jordanian nomads settled in the spectacular landscape of Wadi Rum, they grew dependent on complex water infrastructure. The source is right below their feet, yet they struggle to meet basic needs. In the meantime, deep water extraction feeds private large-scale farms, animates visionary development, and secures growing urban population. Bedouins, farmers and city dwellers: they all expect to have a fair share, but digging for “blue gold” unleashes environmental timebomb. Living Water tells the story of power, exploitation and changing ecological circumstances in one of the most water-poor countries in the world.



    Visions du Réel - Grand Angle 
     CPH:DOX - Highlights 

    Latvia, Czech Republic 2020 / 100 min
    Directed by: Vitaly Mansky
    Produced by: Natalia Manskaya / Vertov (LV)
    Co-produced by: Hypermarket Film (CZ), ARTE (DE, FR), Czech Television (CZ), Current Time TV (US)

    The 90-year old Gorbachev currently lives in a modest house outside Moscow, awaiting the moment when he will be called to join the list of the 20th century’s most  consequential  figures.  History will judge Gorbachev, but Gorbachev presents his own, final testimony.



    The Changing Face of Europe (in co-operation with the EFP) 
    world premiere

    Czech Republic, USA 2021 / 74 min
    Directed by: Kateřina Hager & Asad Faruqi
    Produced by: Kateřina Hager & Asad Faruqi / Bohemian Productions (CZ)
    Co-produced by: Circus Lion Pictures (US), Czech Television (CZ)

    Several years after their official marriage, wheelchair bound Zdenka from the Czech Republic and her Pakistani husband Tabish, still communicate only over the Internet and Skype. Czech authorities repeatedly deny Tabish a visa to enter the country, convinced they are protecting Zdenka and the Czech state from an economic migrant seeking entry into Europe. After years trying to prove their “real love” to the authorities and a relationship eked out online, a breakthrough in their case gives Tabish and Zdenka new hope that their dream of living together in the small Czech town may become reality. Fascinating story of a relationship facing many obstacles and prejudices, while the unique main characters enrich the dramatic account with spontaneity and even some laugh-out-loud moments.

    Supported by the Czech Film Fund: EUR 77 000


    Hot Docs Forum 

    Czech Republic, Sweden 2022 / 80 min
    Directed by: Gretta Stocklassa
    Produced by: Radovan Síbrt & Alžběta Karásková / PINK Productions (CZ)
    Co-produced by: Sisyfos Film Production AB (SE)

    At first glance, Hans Blix seems to be a common Swedish pensioner spending days in his dark Stockholm apartment and taking long afternoon walks along the beach with his wife. He tends the garden at his summer house, plays with his grandkids, and recently, he quietly celebrated his 92nd birthday with the family. Nearing the end of his life, he decided to write a book of memoirs. But his memoirs might not be pleasing for everyone. For some, they could even be a nightmare.

    Supported by the Czech Film Fund: EUR 96 000

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    Last modified on 05-04-2021