Award-winning production company Allfilm wants to attract more foreign productions to Estonia

    Choosing the Baltic countries as the main shooting location is becoming more and more popular. When Christopher Nolan filmed ‘Tenet’ in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, it created a real buzz about the country worldwide. 
    Still, not very many people in the film industry know much about Estonia and the Baltics. What are the landscape and locations like? Do people speak English?  What are the benefits of filming in Estonia? 

    Allfilm, the production company that has serviced numerous international productions including ‘Tenet’ most recently, have now launched a new website that gives a clear overview of what Estonia has to offer.

    “We wanted to create a website that would not only showcase our great locations, but also be informative”, says Ivo Felt, producer and the partner in Allfilm. “We have highly professional crews and good infrastructure in place for filming around the year, however compared to other European countries, we are still relatively unknown in the film industry.”

    Film Estonia generous cash rebate incentive (up to 30%) was introduced in 2016. The number of international projects receiving the cash refund has grown slowly, but steadily ever since. According to Felt the country is willing and able to welcome even more.

    Filming in Estonia has many benefits. It is cost effective compared to some of its neighboring countries, and architecturally, the region is very diverse.  Different styles and periods meet in a relatively small area. 

    “Foreigners are often surprised how short the distances are in Estonia”, says Felt. 

    If you are at the airport you can reach the city centre of the capital in 10 minutes.  From city centre to the wild nature, it’s no more than an hour. “This makes logistics and moving between locations straightforward and saves time.” 

    It also helps that Estonian authorities have a supportive approach to film productions and bureaucracy is kept to a minimum. Estonia is recognized as one the world’s most technologically advanced societies and digital processes are a key part of everyday life, something everyone, including filmmakers can appreciate.

    Allfilm currently has a few international projects in pre-production stage that are scheduled to start shooting early this summer. In the past the company has serviced many features (‘Tenet’, ‘King of Devil’s Island’, ‘A Man and a Woman’ among others), and several television series such as South Korean ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ and ‘The Days the Flowers Bloom’ for Swedish TV. 

    Their notable co-productions include Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated ‘Tangerines’ and ‘The Fencer’. Most recently, they successfully completed ‘Memory of Water’ produced by Finland's Bufo and co-produced by Germany's Pandora, Norway's Mer Film and Allfilm itself. Allfilm also works with Academy Award nominated director Tanel Toom on developing his next feature ‘Cerberus’.

    To explore their new film services website, visit www.allfilmservices.ee.

    “Estonia has great locations, fantastic crew, and citizens, and the service and accommodation are first rate. Their rebate process was competitive and effortless, which encouraged us to stay longer and take advantage of more great locations. The recoupment of our rebate was very fast and cooperative which made filming in Estonia a true pleasure.”  

    Thomas Hayslip (Executive Producer of Tenet)

    Allfilm, established in 1995 is a production company located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company has produced, co-produced and serviced more than 100 international film and television productions. 

    Last modified on 16-04-2021