New poster for the European Arthouse Cinema Day 2022


    Check out Alberto Vázquez's beautiful illustration that celebrates the beauty of cinema-going and the diversity of perspectives but yet under the big constellation of films. Let us know how you like it – we are excited to hear what you think.

    The poster is being adapted to several languages and can be found in the download area of your Cinema Area on our website. You will also find the logos updated in the languages and soon an updated social media kit that we encourage you to use for your communication surrounding the European Arthouse Cinema Day on Sunday 13 November 2022.

    We are happy to inform you that the registrations for the European Arthouse Cinema Day 2022, taking place on Sunday 13th November are now open. 

    The registration comes also with few updates on our website, for which we would like to give you some instructions here below. 

    Creating an account for the Cinema Area

    Each participating cinema (or company, in case you own/manage multiple cinemas) will have to register and create an account. Please note that only one account is needed to manage more cinemas. Please register with your company name. You can add later the cinemas in your listing.

    Once the registration is completed, you will receive an automatic email asking you to confirm your registration. At this point, you will be able to log into your dashboard in the cinema area, with the name and password given during the registration process. 

    Your Cinema Area

    In your cinema area you will have access to a dashboard, where you can add the cinemas to your profile, manage your listing, update the information for the cinema(s) at any time, and to the downloads page.

    You can either add a cinema from the list of cinemas who participated in 2021, by selecting the country, the city and the name of the cinema; or, you can register a new cinema in case you can't find it already in the list, and completing all the information requested.  

    Register now


    For additional information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.