Filming of the Children's Feature Film "Glavonja" Has Begun

    The crew on the set of Glavonja The crew on the set of Glavonja photographer: Vladimira Spindler

    Zagreb, 11.06.2024. - Last weekend in Zagreb, began filming for the children's movie "Glavonja," featuring five talented young actors. The story of ten-year-old Alisa and her older autistic brother Milan, who, along with three young detectives, embark on a somewhat surreal adventure, is directed by Marina Andree Škop and Vanda Raýmanová.

    The talented group of young actors is led by Marta Mihanović as Alisa and Maks Kleončić as Milan. Andrija Lamot, Mark Spiridonović, and Martin Pišlar are joining them as the young detectives.

    “This film is filled with many comedic elements, and we plan to tell it in a quirky, stylized cinematic language,” said Marina Andree Škop. “Through an adventurous story with strong child characters, a humorous approach, an unconventional visual style, and a combination of live-action and animated film elements, we want to entertain young audiences and at the same time raise awareness about an important theme, autism,” concluded Marina Andree Škop.

    “Marina and I come from two different film worlds; my focus is on animated film, while hers is live-action children's film,” added Vanda Raýmanová. “What unites us is a strong desire to combine these two approaches to jointly create this unique film. With it, we primarily want to sow the seeds of empathy and understanding in the minds of our young viewers, without overwhelming them with moralizing, but rather providing them with an unforgettable film experience, one that will make them laugh and worry, and intuitively understand how much they can learn from those who are different.”

    The screenplay is written by Slovak screenwriter Juraj Raýman, and the producers are Tibor Keser, Marina Andree Škop, and Vanda Raýmanová. The film is expected to hit theaters in 2026.

    The adult roles are played by Slovenian actors Ajda Smrekar and Matej Puc, Slovak actors Csongor Cassai and Gabriela Dzuríková, and Croatian actors Judita Franković Brdar, Borko Perić, Snježana Sinovčić, Dražen Čuček, Slavko Sobin, and Željko Duvnjak.

    The creative team includes director of photography Tomislav Sutlar, production designer Stefano Katunar, costume designer Zorana Mejić, makeup artist Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska, animation director Michal Struss, 3D animator Krsto Jaram, gaffer Marko Terešak, sound Luka Čabo, and many other collaborators.

    The film's producers are PomPom Film (Croatia) and Objectif (Slovakia), with minority partners Senca Studio (Slovenia) and Air Productions (Latvia). The delegated producer is PomPom Film.

    The film is co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre,  Slovak Audiovisual Fund,  Slovenian Film Centre, National Film Centre of Latvia, Creative Europe MEDIA, Croatian Radiotelevision, Radio and Television of Slovakia, and Viba Film.

    Last modified on 11-06-2024