New Film Fund Gyor announced


    The Municipailty of City of Győr in co-operation with MEDIAWAVE International Visual Art Foundation have founded Film Fund Győr, with the goal of creating appropriate circumstances for the local base of film, video and media industry, as well as co-ordinating and developing sources and use of investments in film, television and media.

    General Assembly of the City voted - without any rejection - for establishing Film Fund Győr on 3 July, 2008. MEDIAWAVE Foundation - created in 1991, having labelled/qualified to be an organization of public utility, carrying on internationally recognized professional activities in all the sectors of film industry - has been charged with the projects' professional treatment, their realization, and co-ordination of the new organization's financial / economic - administrational fields.

    In the long run Film Fund Győr aims to provide workplaces for the professionals of film production, actors, artists coming from the region, generate dynamic attraction and income in tourism, reduce the audiovisual sector's Budapest-centered orientation, and will have vivifying effects in economic developments.

    The Film Fund begins its job by the following criteria:

    • Establishment, assistance and co-ordination of the regional film and television production;
    • Co-ordination and assistance of the visual educational potential in the region;
    • Establishment and operation of the regional film archive in order to provide programs for televisions;
    • Supporting regional film professional conferences, events, festivals.