South Korea opens window on European film artists

    When the Pusan International Film Festival (October 8 - 16, 2009) lights its screens for 355 films from across the globe, a sizeable European artistic delegation is among the guests presenting their films. Backed by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, European Film Promotion (EFP) is supporting the European film presence in Pusan for the 12th year running and is bringing a delegation of 23 directors and actors from 13 different countries to this important Asian festival. Moreover, with EFP's backing, eight European directors will present their films in the newly created Flash Forward Competition focussed on non-Asian directors.

    On Sunday, October 11, the Korean public welcomed a big group of European artists invited by EFP and PIFF on PIFF's outdoor stage at Haeundae beach. Given the increasing interest of the South Korean festival audience and film industry in European cinema, the festival and EFP coordinate various presentations, film screenings and press interviews at Pusan.

    Supported by EFP the following European artists present their films in Pusan:

    (listed in alphabetical order):

    • - Ferran Audí, director THE FROST (Spain, Norway),
    • - Zaida Bergroth, director LAST COWBOY STANDING (Finland),
    • - Réné Bitorajac, actor METASTASES (Croatia),
    • - Jacek Borcuch, director ALL THAT I LOVE (Poland),
    • - Nathalie Borgers, director WINDS OF SAND, WOMEN OF ROCK (Belgium, Austria, France),
    • - Paweł Borowski, director ZERO (Poland),
    • - ­lvaro Brechner, director BAD DAY TO GO FISHING (Spain, Uruguay),
    • - Stanisław Brudny, actor THE FOREST (Poland),
    • - Sung-Hyung Cho, director HOME FROM HOME (Germany),
    • - Piotr Dumala, director THE FOREST (Poland),
    • - Margret Dagmar Ericsdóttir, THE SUNSHINE BOY (Iceland),
    • - Mira Fornay, director FOXES (Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia),
    • - Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, director THE SUNSHINE BOY (Iceland),
    • - Mariusz Grzegorzek, director I AM YOURS (Poland),
    • - Gabe Ibáñez, director HIERRO (Spain),
    • - Max Jacoby, director THE DUST (Luxembourg),
    • - Martin Koolhoven, director WINTER IN WARTIME (The Netherlands, Belgium),
    • - Mateusz Kościukiewicz, actor ALL THAT I LOVE (Poland),
    • - Damjan Kozole, director SLOVENIAN GIRL (Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Croatia),
    • - Yorgos Lanthimos, director DOGTOOTH (Greece),
    • - Titus Muntean, director KINO CARAVAN (Romania),
    • - Susanna Nicchiarelli, director COSMONAUTA (Italy),
    • - Natacha Régnier, actress MAGMA (France),
    • - Joao Salaviza, director ARENA (Portugal),
    • - Håkon Liu, director MISS KICKI (Sweden),
    • - Anno Saul, director THE DOOR (Germany),
    • - Samuel Spisak, actor BROKEN PROMISE (Slovakia, Czech Republic),
    • - Andreas Struck, director SLEEPING SONGS (Germany),
    • - Jarosław Szoda, director THE MIRACLE SELLER (Poland),
    • - Jean van de Velde, director THE SILENT ARMY (The Netherlands, France),
    • - Pierre Vinour, director MAGMA (France),
    • - Robert Więckiewicz, actor ZERO (Poland).

      For the fourth year in a row, EFP has set up an umbrella office for European sales agents at the Asian Film Market in Pusan, hosting 23 companies from various European countries. Additionally, EFP has made Film Sales Support available for the first time for the marketing of 18 European films at the Asian Film Market.

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    Last modified on 13-10-2009