Independent American filmmakers in Lithuania: Go get some rosemary and life will change

    "Go get some rosemary!" may well become a new motto for all who have watched the film Go Get Some Rosemary in Kaunas International Film Festival. With this phrase, the authors of the film Benny and Josh Safdies expressed the tiny boundary between the state of happiness and the state of sadness. You go to get some rosemary from the store and something may change, your sadness and loneliness may be replaced by new ideas, your problems may seem ridiculous and you may be overwhelmed with joy.

    October 16 and 18, Kaunas International Film Festival invites cineastes to "Pasaka" film theatre downtown of Vilnius city and offers a unique opportunity to see Go Get Some Rosemary, which is an example of independent American film, and to meet its directors Josh and Benny Safdies who have come to Vilnius straight from New York.

    The film Go Get Some Rosemary tells about Lenny, a man in his thirties with graying frazzled hair, who spends only about two weeks with his preteen sons each year. During one of such meetings with his sons, the man gets an idea to turn those two weeks into a half-year long event full of colours, emotions, adventures and comic situations. Thus, the lives of the three heroes of the film are filled with journeys, guests from mysterious lands and many other improvised stories. Is it possible to stay on the tightrope between the world of a father and the world of children?

    The filmmakers confess that the main character of the film was inspired by their own father. "Lenny loves the idea of being father, but only the idea... He is good at charming with stories and manipulating memories. He is just like a magician performing for the two boys. He believes that everything is possible, but at the same time realises that his kids are his only true friends. It's a movie that we've been carrying with us for a long time now, we needed to make this film in order to understand why things happened a certain way: we need to understand the emotions. So in that sense, yes, Go Get Some Rosemary is autobiographical, because some of the shown experiences are our own experiences; we shot the film in places we once visited. And there are drawings in the film that we have drawn in childhood. It is an opportunity to discover true emotions and details behind the illusion of film", filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdies explain.

    This Friday and Sunday, filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdies will meet the audience of Kaunas International Film Festival in "Pasaka" film theatre after the screening of Go Get Some Rosemary, where they will share their thoughts on the idea of the film, production process, and issues of independent American film, and will answer the viewers' questions.

    The visit of Josh and Benny Safdies in Lithuania was supported by the American Center in cooperation with Kaunas International Film Festival.

    Screenings of Go Get Some Rosemary in "Pasaka" film theatre, Vilnius, will take place on:

    Friday, October 16, 8.45 pm

    Sunday, October 18, 8.30 pm

    More information: Vilma Venckutonytė, tel. +370 682 55507, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; festival's website http://www.kinofestivalis.lt/.