Ascent 142 has completed the full post production on Collision, a three-part drama starring Douglas Henshall and Paul McGann, which tells the story of a major road accident and a how it irrevocably changes the lives of a group of strangers.

    Written and created by Anthony Horowitz (Foyle's War), Collision was shot on Super-16mm film by director of photography Christopher Ross for Greenlit Productions for ITV1. The film was scanned at an HD resolution at Ascent 142 using Spirit Datacine with Scream grain management. Ascent 142 DI colourist Trevor Brown using Da Vinci 2k plus with defocus completed the grade.

    Brown commented: "We worked to keep the grade as ‘real' as possible, without adding too much of a stylised look, as this was most appropriate to the narrative. The Scream grain management was invaluable in maintaining a filmic appearance whilst assuring a pleasing look for high definition viewers."

    The gallery function of the da Vinci also proved very useful for maintaining consistency across the myriad of flashback sequences. The dramatic scene of the collision itself was shot in a multitude of differing weather conditions cut together and graded to look as seamless as possible.

    For the audio team the first challenge was the crash scene. The viewer is given many different opportunities to see the crash from a variety of perspectives, but never, until the end, in its entirety. Stephen Griffiths, freelance sound FX supervisor, was responsible for creating the sound of tons of metal colliding and briefed Ascent 142 to emphasise this with a realistic soundtrack. The music by Dan Giorgetti was skilfully written around the sound effects, with the sound mix completed by Ascent 142's head of sound David OId, Chris Roberts as supervising sound editor and the ADR undertaken by sound editor Alan Davies.

    Part one of Collision will be screened on ITV1 on Monday 9th November at 9pm.


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