GLASS TRAP" by Paweł Ferdek is a European Film Award Short Film Nominee

    We are honoured to inform, that film "GLASS TRAP" directed by Paweł Ferdek is a European Film Award Short Film Nominee (http://www.glasstrap.pl/)

    It is a very special event for us, even more special because the director - Paweł Fedrek - is a debutant, his film was produced within the framework of "First Documentary" - a programme for young debuting filmmakers coordinated by Munk Studio. This film was nominated to the European Film Award at one of the most important European short film festivals - Tampere Film Festival (Finland).

    We would like to call your attention to Paweł Ferdek's film, because this young director proved himself to be brave as a director and as an artist. He entered the circle of suburban gang that organizes fights of aggressive goldfish near Warsaw, he filmed it and developed his footage formally. That is why we can interpret this film in more than one way. Hereby some of the opinions:

    We would be very obliged for your interest in this film and friendliness against this young filmmaker, who faces a chance of his lifetime.

    Yours faithfully,

    Kuba Kosma

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