ScripTeast second stage complete (Jan. 17)

    January 17, 2008
    The second stage of current edition of ScripTeast has been completed.
    The second stage of ScripTeast ended in the beginning of January 2008. The three-month long rewriting process, conducted with usage of specially designed e-learning device, was crowned in the beginning of this year when the authors delivered new versions of their scripts. The scriptwriters were working under individual supervision and with advice of a chosen Creative Advisor and a Head of Studies. The scripts are going to be read, revised and then discussed with the authors during stationary session at Berlinale 2008.
    The next stationary session of ScripTeast is coming.
    The next stationary session of the workshop will be held between 9 and 12 of February at Berlin International Film Festival. ScripTeast participants will not only meet their Heads of Studies to discuss the progress of work, but also attend meetings with pitching specialists, representatives of international film industry and take part in other events of the festival.
    Taking part in Berlinale is scheduled in ScripTeast program every year since attending big, international film events surely increases chances of the scripts on international market and also extends the useful contacts within the industry.
    Application process for the next edition of ScripTeast is starting on the 1st of February
    The third edition of ScripTeast is starting in the autumn of 2008. The application process for participating in ScripTeast 2008/2009 is starting on the 1st of February. Application forms are available on our website: www.scripteast.eu where you can also find the "how to apply" guidelines.
    In case of any questions regarding application process and the project in general please contact us via e-mail on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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