Stopklatka SA debuts on NewConnect

    Stopklatka SA, owner of one of the most popular film portals in Poland, debuts on the NewConnect on 12 July. Stopklatka SA is planning dynamic investments, that will increase the attractiveness of Stopklatka.pl film portal. Investments will also contribute to the growth of revenues from advertisement.

    Stopklatka.pl is also planning to launch VoD service (Video on Demand). The next step will be to expand activities on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian market. By the end of the year Television Kino Polska Sp. z o.o. will become a majority shareholder in Stopklatka SA.

    Television Kino Polska Sp. z o.o. is the best Polish film channel and the only distributor of the rapidly developing FilmBox, FilmBox Extra, FilmBox Family and FilmBox HD movie channels. Kino Polska TV and Stopklatka have been successfully operating on the Polish market for many years. They were awarded by the Polish Film Institute for their contribution to the development of Polish cinematography. Kino Polska TV was also awarded the prestigious 2005 Hot Bird (TV Oscar) and recently is one of the most watched movie channels in Poland.