Apply for the East European Forum and find funding and support for your documentary film!

    Application deadline: September 3, 2010

    To fill out the application form, please go to:
    East European Forum 2010

    - This year the Forum celebrates its 10th anniversary! For the whole decade it has been the region's largest meeting of East European documentary filmmakers and leading European commissioning editors, distributors, buyers and film fund representatives. Directors and independent producers offer their projects for co-production, pre-sales or any other form of financial support. To this date, some 60 documentary films have been made with the support of the Forum.

    - Newly, we will introduce Feedback Round Tables after project presentations. Designed to enhance the positive and focused feedback from commissioners, they also offer an exceptional networking opportunity for the participants with a much smaller group of broadcasters in a more intimate setting. Each project will get up to five times more space for discussion compared to the traditional pitch format. In addition, after the Feedback Round Tables, the filmmaking teams can also engage in in-depth, one-on-one meetings with broadcasters based on comments received at the round tables.

    - Doc Presentations will be delivered prior to the feedback round tables to a large group of visitors and approx. 25 broadcasters representing companies from around Europe and North America, including MDR/ARD, Channel 4, BBC, ARTE, POV, ITVS, ORF and many others. Doc Presentations will provide a relaxed and flexible environment for the participants, with more time available for each project.


    During its existence, the Forum has become a prestigious meeting place that has, since 2001, hosted 510 East European filmmakers and producers, over 60 TV commissioning editors and dozens of international distributors, buyers and festival programmers.

    The workshop, sidebar programme and public presentations will be attended by more than 120 documentary professionals.

    Deadline: September 3, 2010
    Forum Workshop: October 21 - 24, 2010
    Doc Presentations and Feedback Round Tables: October 25 - 26, 2010 Industry Networking Programme for Participants: October 27 - 30, 2010


    Directors and producers with their own creative projects. Participants must be proficient in English. All parts of the programme must be attended by both the director and the producer. The East European Forum focuses mainly on Central and East European creative documentary projects, with the director and/or producer based in the region.

    € 100/selected project + € 250 contribution for accommodation per project

    TV commissioning editors invited in 2010:
    Kathrin Brinkmann (ARTE/ZDF, Germany); Hans Robert Eisenhauer (ARTE G.E.I.E., Germany, France); Iikka Vehkalahti (YLE, Finland); Wim Van Rompaey (LICHTPUNT, Belgium); Franz Grabner (ORF, Austria); Bert Janssens (Humanist Broadcasting Foundations, The Netherlands), Margje de Koning (IKON, The Netherlands); Nick Fraser (BBC 4); Caroline Mutz (ARTE THEMA, France); Marijke Huijbregts (AVRO, The Netherlands); Dr. Claudia Schreiner (MDR/ARD, Germany); Katja Wildermuth (MDR, Germany); Sari Volanen (YLE, Finland); Jenny Westergard (YLE, Finland); Elisabeth Hulten (ARTE France, France); Charlotte Gry Madsen (DR TV, Denmark); Christiane Hinz (WDR, Germany); Jenny Ross (Al Jazeera English, UK); Axel Arno (SVT, Sweden); Hjalmar Palmgren (SVT, Sweden); Cynthia Kane (ITVS International, USA); Alex Szalat (ARTE France, France); Rahdi Taylor (Sundance Documentary Fund / Sundance Documentary Film Program, USA); Greg Sanderson, (BBC Storyville, UK); Anne Rose (Sundance Channel, USA); Tom Casciato (Channel Thirteen, USA); Tabitha Jackson (More4, Channel 4, UK); Naomi Boxer (TVO, Canada); Tom Neff (Tom Neff Productions, USA); Anne Even (ZDF / ARTE, Germany); Jutta Krug (WDR, Germany); Luciano Rigolini (Arte France, France); Chris White (POV, USA); Olaf Grunert (ARTE G.E.I.E., France); Claudia Bucher (ARTE G.E.I.E., France); Dr. Katja Wildermuth (ARD/MDR, Germany); Joan Morselt (NPS, RVU, VPRO, The Netherlands); Katarzyna Malinowska (TVP Kultura, Poland); Hanka Kastelikova (RTV, Slovenia); Cara Mertes (Sundance Institute, USA); Jessica Raspe (AVRO, The Netherlands); Rialda Ocuz (BHRT, Bosnia and Herzegovina); Jana Skopkova (Czech TV, Czech Republic).

    Apply by September 3, 2010. There is no application fee. Late applications will not be considered.

    For more information, please visit: www.DOKweb.net/EastEuropeanForum