Asterix at the Olympic Games -- 3rd week (Feb. 12)

    Asterix at the Olympic Games -

    Asterix & Obelix still at the top!

    „Asterix at the Olympic Games" 3rd week Polish box office proves continuous admiration of the famous Gauls: last weekend the movie was seen by 71 204 viewers which in total gives an impressive number of 432 922 viewers!

    It seems it is not only us, the Poles, who like to laugh. Hungarian, Slovak and Czech box offices clearly show how very popular the adventures of Asterix & Obelix are there: for the last 11 days since the opening date, the movie has had an audience of 44 285 (Slovakia), 102 727 (Czech Republic) and 83 259 (Hungary) viewers.

    The record is set by native France where „Asterix at the Olympic Games" has been so far seen by 4 169 308 viewers.

    There is more important info for the lovers of the brave Gauls: Asterix & Obelix conquer all - not only in the movies, but also in the Polish malls and McDonald's restaurants!

    Nestle cereal promo campaign is at its best - in promo packages of Nestle cornflakes kids may find toys - jumping discs, and Obelix dummies welcome buyers in many grocery stores. Moreover, trailer from the movie may be watched by the shelves with cornflakes in these stores. In McDonald's restaurants, all Happy Meals are served with eight different figurines from the movie to choose from.

    You'll be loving it!


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    Last modified on 18-07-2008