FNE IDF DocBloc: KineDok Presents Domino Effect in Jihlava

KineDok has prepared a real specialty for all fans of creative documentaries, alternative distribution and site-specific screenings during the Jihlava IDFF.


FNE IDF DocBloc: The Most Successful East Silver Caravan Members Are Mallory and Cinema, Mon Amour

Documentary films from the CEE region, supported by the Institute of Documentary Film, are regularly screened at international film festivals also thanks to the East Silver Caravan project. There will be a chance to watch them within the East Silver video library during Jihlava IDFF.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Salome Jashi Will Give a Masterclass on her Award-winning Film in Jihlava

Among the tutors of the second Ex Oriente Film workshop, organised by the Institute of Documentary Film within the Jihlava IDFF, there will be the award-winning Georgian director and producer Salomé Jashi, who will speak about her experience with directing and producing her latest film, The Dazzling Light of Sunset, which was awarded the Best First (debut) Award at Visions du Reel IFF.


FNE IDF DocBloc: KineDok Begins its Screenings in MeetFactory With My Father the Banker

Exceptional creative documentaries from the second edition of project KineDok are screened in seven European countries already, and in the Czech Republic alone they can be seen at 42 alternative venues.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Blind Gulliver: How Observing Exotic Absurdities Can Help Us Observe Follies of Our Own

On 26 September 2016, in Prague's Světozor Cinema, the renowned documentary filmmaker Martin Ryšavý will have a pre-premiere screening of his latest film, Blind Gulliver.


FNE IDF DocBloc: KineDok Site Specific Screenings at Bergen IFF

On 20 September 2016, the 17th edition of Bergen International Film Festival starts in Norway, hosting also a vast section of international creative documentaries.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Five years of Following the Trail of a Young Rebellious Racer

An interview with Gábor Hörcher about his documentary, Drifter, about a rebellious teenager, Ricsi, who intends to race in a local rally, although he has neither a driving license nor a functional car.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Submit Your Documentary Projects from Central and Eastern Europe to East Doc Platform 2017

You can still apply to East Doc Platform (East European Forum, Project Market, Doc Tank, East Silver Videolibrary, KineDok) until 10 November 2016. The 6th edition of East Doc Platform (EDP) will take place in Prague from 6 to 12 March 2017.


FNE IDF DocBloc: You Are Just Six Degrees Apart From Obama or a Mexican Farmer

Do you know that there is a theory that you are connected to any other individual on this planet via a chain of six contacts only? Polish filmmaker Bartosz Dombrowski was inspired by the theory of American social psychologist Stanley Milgram to make the documentary 6 Degrees, that is part of this year’s programme of the KineDok project, organised by the Institute of Documentary Film.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Submit Your Documentary Projects from Central and Eastern Europe to East Doc Platform 2017

The Institute of Documentary Film is looking for documentary projects in development/production/postproduction for the 6th edition of East Doc Platform, set to take place in Prague from 6 to 12 March 2017.


FNE IDF DocBloc: A Strong East European Delegation Will Attend Nordisk Panorama

In cooperation with Nordisk Panorama, the Institute of Documentary Film is organising numerous Eastern European delegations including a strong representation of Czech producers heading to this traditional Scandinavian festival of short and documentary films, taking place in Swedish Malmö from 18 to 20 September 2016.


FNE IDF DocBloc: KineDok never sleeps

The second edition of KineDok organised by the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) is entering its second half, and so far there has been a great number of event-based screenings with film directors and interesting guests for Q&A's organised.


FNE IDF DocBloc: East Silver Market 2016 - Submissions Open until 31 July

East Silver, a documentary market specialised in Eastern and Central European documentary film, is still open for submissions for upcoming projects in rough cut stage.


FNE IDF DocBloc: Roma People Unfortunately Serve as a Target of Anger Here

Long-awaited documentary FC Roma by Tomáš Bojar and Rozálie Kohoutová had its world premiere at the Karlovy Vary IFF. The film, supported by the Institute of Documentary Film, tells the story of a football team consisting mainly of Roma people.


FNE/IDF DocBloc: DocuTalents

Twelve documentary projects were presented at Karlovy Vary IFF 2016.


FNE/IDF DocBloc: East Silver Call for Applications

The East Silver market is accepting rough cut projects through 31 July 2016.