FNE IDF DocBloc: You Are Just Six Degrees Apart From Obama or a Mexican Farmer

    6 Degrees by Bartosz Dombrowski 6 Degrees by Bartosz Dombrowski

    Do you know that there is a theory that you are connected to any other individual on this planet via a chain of six contacts only? Polish filmmaker Bartosz Dombrowski was inspired by the theory of American social psychologist Stanley Milgram to make the documentary 6 Degrees, that is part of this year’s programme of the KineDok project, organised by the Institute of Documentary Film.

    This documentary road movie was shown in an open air cinema focused on documentaries in Brno on 16 August 2016, and during Autumn 2016 will also be screened at non-traditional venues in Šumperk, Teplice, Liberec or Veselí nad Moravou, and of course, in all partner countries of KineDok.

    Click HERE to read the interview with Bartosz Dombrowski.