EFP Producer on the Move: Poland's Andrzej Jakimowski

Independent Polish filmmaker/producer Andrzej Jakimowski, will arrive in Cannes for EFP's Producers on the Move with his new project The Touch, now in development.


EFP Producer on the Move: Hungary's Gabor Sipos

Laokoon Film's Hungarian Producer on the Move Gabor Sipos, age 32, grew up surrounded by the film production business.


EFP Producer on the Move: Czech Republic's Monika Kristl

Monika Kristl was only 22 years old when she became a principal producer and managing director of the Prague-based international production services company Dawson Production (www.dawson.cz) in 1996.


EFP Producer on the Move: Bulgaria's Ilian Djevelekov

A trip to Cuba in 2002 was the inspiration for naming Miramar, the production company founded by 42-year-old Ilian Djevelekov and co-owners Matey Konstantinov and Georgy Dimitrov.