Lithuanian Films at EFM in Berlinale 2012: the gold age era


    A modern national Lithuanian Films stand, representing all the factors that led to the substantial recovery of the country‘s film industry, will be giving a warm welcome to the world‘s film industry visiting Berlin at the European Film Market (EFM) Thursday this week already.

    Lithuania‘s Minister of Culture Arunas Gelunas, who is also a strong supporter of Lithuania‘s participation in EFM, states that the collaboration of the Lithuanian film industry with other European and worldwide countries is particularly needed.

    "I am very glad that Lithuanian films are being represented in such a professional manner and the participation in the EFM is of particular importance to our country this year, especially having in mind that the Lithuanian film centre will be opened very soon and new additional film financing models are being considered", noted Lithuania‘s Minster of Culture.

    Dominykas Sirvinskas, the head of office of "MEDIA Desk Lithuania", supports the words of Lithuania‘s Minister of Culture by stating that 2011 was a year of a breaking point, when the entire Lithuanian film industry has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Not only were full length feature films and documentaries created, allowing the cinema halls to be packed with viewers but also the film financing gaps were started to tackle on a political level.

    An increased funding for the films in Lithuania, the adoption of the amendment of the film law of the Republic of Lithuania, a newly established Vilnius film office, a planned establishment of the Lithuanian film centre, first time ever a Lithuanian film ("Tadas Blinda. The beginning", directed by D. Ulvydas) has beaten all records of attendance and revenues and has even left behind the all time record holder in Lithuania "Avatar" (directed by James Cameron).

    "We need to share the good news with our colleagues abroad, our country has many hopes in the development of the film industry and we have all the conditions needed for the professional filmmaking in place", notes D. Sirvinskas.

    Dominykas Širvinskas tells that the stand will particularly welcome those, who are interested in Lithuanian films - film festival organizers, film distributors and producers, production company representatives, broadcasters. The stand also welcomes those, for whom the possibilities of filming in Lithuania are relevant.

    It is worth mentioning that 8 national documentary and feature film premieres took place in Lithuania in 2011. The Italian director Gabriele Salvatores started shooting his "Siberian Education" where the leading role is being created by a famous American actor, director and producer John Malkovich in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Vilnius was chosen by the film makers due to its unique landscape, architecture, professional staff and low costs involved.

    Despite the fact that the national Lithuanian Films Stand will welcome visitors at the EFM only for the second time this year, the country‘s film industry will be represented by as many as 26 organizations in Berlinale: film makers and producers, the country's major international film festivals, film production and distribution companies.

    Lithuania‘s national film stand is financed and organized by: Lithuania‘s Ministry of Culture, a public institution "Enterprise Lithuania", "MEDIA Desk Lithuania" office and the Independent Producers Association.

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