FNE at Berlinale 2024: Bulgarian Cinema in Berlin

By Bulgarian National Film Center

    Dear colleagues and friends,
    Bulgaria is waiting for you at EFM 2024!
    Berlinale gives you an opportunity to meet talented Bulgarian filmmakers and producers while also catching up with our coproduction and financial schemes.

    This year, Bulgaria is hosting a small reception: HAPPY HOUR 17th February, 6 pm @Stand #134 – MGB

    Margarita Stoykova was selected as the youngest European Shooting Star.
    "Bulgaria’s Margarita Stoykova astounds in Dyad; her debut performance showcases her fearlessness as an actor. She skillfully tackles the sensitive issues of a young woman growing up in a hostile environment. Balancing vulnerability and maturity, Stoykova portrays a multifaceted character exceptionally well. Initially appearing unsympathetic, her character gradually reveals layers of fragility. Stoykova's rawness and bravery in exploring extremes signify her as a standout talent." – Jury

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     Dyad by Yana Titova, credit: Portokal

    Margarita began her professional journey with small steps at age 6 as a dancer and went on with multiple European titles. She was just 18 when she began shooting her first lead role for the big screen in Yana Titova’s second feature film Dyad (2023), which had its world premiere in competition at Warsaw International Film Festival. Dyad won numerous awards, including Best Film U 18 at Cottbus Film Festival, Grand Prix at Just Film Festival and 4 awards at the Golden Rose Film Festival, including Best Film (ex aequo Blaga’s Lessons) and the City of Varna Award for Margarita’s performance.


    BERLINALE CO-PRODUCTION MARKET 2024, Official Selection of Projects
    34 film projects from 27 countries have been selected for the 21st Berlinale Co-Production Market (February 17-21). Their producers will be looking for partners to help co-finance and realise their projects as international co-productions in the next few years. 17 of the 34 projects are directed by women. One of them is the Bulgarian – Israeli co-production Remains of Life, dir. Sevda Shishmanova, prod. Veselka Kiryakova/ Red Carpet, Bulgaria. The project is a feature film based on a true story.

    2012: A forensic photographer is sent to document the aftermath of a bus bombing of Israeli tourists at a Bulgarian airport. Suspecting that a Muslim bus driver is an accomplice, he is forced to face his own prejudices and seek redemption.


    Bulgarian director, producer, and choreographer Kosta Karakashyan, a participant at Berlinale Talents 2024, is working on a slate of LGBTQ+-themed narrative and documentary projects in Bulgaria. In spring 2024 he is entering production for his new short film, They, which follows two university professors over the course of a day as they try to keep their relationship a secret, supported by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria and produced by Studio Karakashyan and Hot Potato. Also this year, Karakashyan is entering production for his debut feature  documentary, White, Green & Queer, a finalist at the Civil Society Pitch development program by One World Romania Association. Simultaneously, his feature-length fiction debut,  corruption, following the rise and fall of a closeted pop star in socialist Bulgaria, co-written by Karakashyan and Drago Bago, is in development after their selection and participation at the inaugural edition of MIDPOINT Intensive Queer in 2023.


    Arcadia, the second feature film by multi award-winning director Yorgos Zois, bound to world premiere in the Encounters Competition section at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival.

    Arcadia is co-produced by Red Carpet, Bulgaria (Aga, Allienation) and Foss Productions, Homemade Films (Greece) and was supported by Eurimages, Greek Film Center, Bulgarian National Film Center, Ekome, Flux Laboratory Athens and Onassis Culture. It was written by Konstantina Kotzamani and Yorgos Zois and lensed by Konstantinos Koukoulios (GSC). Elena Topalidou (Magnetic Fields, Bella), Nikolas Papagiannis ((Echoes, Silent Road)) and Vagelis Evangelinos (Amercement, Animal) round out the stellar cast.
    Beta Cinema will host on-site market screenings and online screenings in Berlin.

    Arcadia follows radiant neurologist Katerina and Yannis, a former well-respected doctor, are heading off to a deserted seaside resort. Silence spreads in the car as they travel across sandy dunes in a windy autumn, matching the less-than-pleasant occasion: Yannis had been called to identify the victim of a tragic accident at the hospital of the small town. When the local policeman informs them that the victim’s vehicle had plunged over the parapet of a stone bridge and leads them to the morgue, Katerina sees her worst suspicions confirmed. Together with Yannis, but also on her own nightly excursions to a  mysterious, rustic beach bar called Arcadia, they begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together, revealing a haunting story of love, loss, acceptance and letting go.

    We have published two special editions for this year’s Berlinale:
    How to Co-produce with Bulgaria
    Bulgaria 25 % Cash Rebate Scheme

    Last but not least, we would like to invite you to experience Bulgarian Cinema at our stand – #134 in Martin Gropius Bau!
    Bulgarian National Film Center offers information and promotion point for Bulgarian cinema, and a networking place for Bulgarian film professionals and their international counterparts.

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