FESTIVALS: Natas Wins Cyprus Short Film National Competition


    LIMASSOL: Natas by Harry Ayiotis won the First Prize for Best Short Film in the national competition of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, which concluded on 21 October 2017. The award came with 4,000 EUR in prize money.

     A Gentle Night by Chinese director Qiu Yang won the best film award in the international competition along with a prize of 4,000 EUR.

    The festival handed out 17,500 EUR in prize money and an in-kind award for equipment rental of 4,800 EUR.

    Full list of winners:

    National Competition:

    First Prize for Best Film
    Directed by Harry Ayiotis

    Second Prize for Best Film
    The Daughters
    Directed by Marinos Panayiotou

    Best Director
    Marianna Christophides for Black Mountain

    Best Editing
    Magda Stylianou for Catch
    Directed by Yiorgos Evangelou

    Honorary Distinction
    Directed by Iisa Amalia Michael

    Best Music Video Award
    Someone That Loves You
    Directed by Malia James and produced by Taylor Vandergrift

    International Competition:

    First Prize for Best Short Film
    A Gentle Night (China)
    Directed by Qiu Yang

    Best Director
    Katja Benrath for All of Us (Kenya, Germany)

    Second Prize for Best Short Film
    State of Emergency Motherfucker! (Belgium)
    Directed by Sebastien Petretti

    Best Documentary Award
    Kaputt (Germany)
    Directed by Volker Schlect and Alexander Lahl

    Honorary Distinctions

    When You Hear the Bells (France, Tunesia)
    Directed by Chabname Zariab

    Seeds (Kenya)
    Directed by Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann