Prague Post-production house MagicLab to Provide VFX for Masaryk Biopic


    PRAGUE: The Prague based MagicLab has announced it is providing VFX and grading for the highly anticipated two part historical biopic Masaryk, about son of the first president of Czechoslovakia who became the Czech Foreign Minister between 1940-1948. The film, directed by Julius Ševčík and produced by In Film, is now in production.

    MagicLab has recently started supporting Czech art-house cinema and coproduced films that have competed in festivals in Egypt, China, Poland and Canada. These films include David directed by Jan Těšitel and produced by the Sugar Division and Journey to Rome directed by Tomasz Mielnik, and produced by Background Film were also selected for competitions at the 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

    Currently, a new Czech-Slovak-Polish detective thriller The Red Captain directed by Michal Kollár, prod: Fog’n’desire Films is being finished in the studio, with more than 360 VFX shots, making it MagicLab’s most challenging project to date. The film is coproduced by MD4 in Poland and Sokol Kollar in Slovakia.

    Since its formation in 2009 by Michal Křeček whose previous film credits include Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and Youth without Youth MagicLab has been one of the most rapidly growing post-production studio in the Czech Republic. Since its founding, MagicLab has participated in the production of more than 35 feature films, providing mostly VFX and colour grading.

    These projects include critically acclaimed Czech Lion award nominees, Normal directed by Juliuš Ševčík and produced by Axman Production and Lidice directed by Peter Nikolaev and produced by Movie. Both are commercially successful and visually-striking period features Among the projects that MagicLab has worked on are two of the the highest grossing Czech films of 2015 - Gangster Ka directed by Jan Pachl and also produced by Movie and Vojtěch Kotek’s debut feature Padesátka produced by Format Factory, which has been by over 300,000 viewers, making it the most successful Czech film of the year. 

    More information: www.magiclab.cz