Czech Box Office Reached Record Numbers in 2016

    The Angel of God 2 by Jiří Strach The Angel of God 2 by Jiří Strach

    PRAGUE: Czech box office reached its highest point in the country’s modern history in 2016 with 74 m EUR / 2.011 bl CZK, an increase of 12.65 m EUR / 342 m CZK compared to 2015. Admissions broke another record. They were 15.62 m, 2.664 m more than in 2015.

    A Czech film also topped the total box office in 2016. Angel of the Lord 2 / Anděl páně 2 directed by Jiří Strach, produced by Marlene Film Production and distributed by Falcon, had 913,767 admissions and 4.08 m EUR / 110.4 m CZK gross. Its admissions exceeded one million at the beginning of 2017.

    According to the Czech Distributors' Union, 2016 was very successful for all Czech films, as attendance for domestic films reached 30%. Out of 345 new releases 79 were Czech titles.

    The distributors' chart was topped again by Cinemart with 35.7 percent market share, followed by Falcon with 31.6 percent market share. Cinemart is the distributor of 20th Century Fox, Universal and Paramount Pictures, while Falcon distributes and coproduces high-profile Czech films.

    Other successful Czech films in 2016 were Devils´s Mistress / Lída Baarová directed by Filip Renč and produced by NoGup Agency, which was ranked fourth in the total chart with 414,732 admissions and 1.96 m EUR / 53.14 m CZK gross, and Tiger Theory directed by Radek Bajgar and produced by Logline Production, which was ranked seventh in the total chart with almost 386,000 admissions and 1.65 m EUR / 44.56 m CZK gross.