PRODUCTION: CEE Producers Team Up on Animated Of Unwanted Things and People

    Of Unwanted Things and People by David Sukup, Ivana Laucikova, Agata Gorzadek and Leon Vidmar Of Unwanted Things and People by David Sukup, Ivana Laucikova, Agata Gorzadek and Leon Vidmar photo: MAUR Film

    PRAGUE: Slovak producer Juraj Krasnohorsky of Artichoke and Czech producer Martin Vandas of Maur Film are coproducing the animated film Of Unwanted Things and People along with Slovenia’s ZVVIKS and Poland’s WJTeam/Likaon.

    The film will be directed by David Sukup from the Czech Republic, Ivana Laucikova of Slovakia, Agata Gorzadek of Poland and Leon Vidmar of Slovenia. The four-country production, which was pitched at the Visegrad Animation Forum (VAF) meeting in May 2018, is a prime example of how VAF is changing the ways CEE companies approach animation, and the financial and creative interests for the countries to work together. Czech, Slovaks, Poles and Slovenians were four of the earliest countries to commit to the establishment and growth of VAF. Domestic animated films have been doing exceptionally well at the local box office recently, especially in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

    The film consists of four interconnected stories based on a book by Czech author Arnost Goldflam. A brother and sister lose their parents and have only their cat left, that magically turns into a loving aunt. Nearby, two boys find a garden filled with apple cores. Other neighbours include an old woman who knows about two monsters living there, and an old man who finds an old book that can transport people into the past.

    The film has a budget of 1.5 m EUR, with 500,000 already secured from the Czech Film Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Slovenian Audiovisual Fund and MEDIA. The film is targeted at children ages 7 – 11.

    Production information:

    Artichoke Film

    Maur Film




    Directed by David Sukup, Ivana Laucikova, Agata Gorzadek, Leon Vidmar