Foreign Productions Continue Despite Czech Lockdown


    PRAGUE: The Czech government has issued new restrictions limiting movement within the country in response to its position as the worst affected country in the world. All non-essential travel outside an individual’s district of domicile has been forbidden. Despite the restrictions, foreign film production is continuing without disruption.

    FNE spoke with Pavlína Žipková at the Czech Film Commission, who said that film production is proceeding due to its designation as an economic activity. 

    “Economic activity hasn’t been restricted yet,” she explained. “The government is talking about it but we don’t think that will happen.”

    Žipková added, “This weekend I issued 17 productions with the paperwork [required by the government for work to continue as usual], including music videos and commercials.” She said that among those there are four or five big productions shooting in the Czech Republic at this time.

    The government approved 35 m USD for the Czech film incentives scheme for use this year. If the entire sum is reached before the end of the year, the Film Commission is able to request additional funding from the government, in effect allowing for unlimited funding. Any of the 35 m USD that has not been used by the end of the year is moved into the next year’s budget.