Peter Bebjak’s TV Series Nineties Attracted Most Viewers in Czech Republic in 18 Years

    Nineties series Nineties series credit: Czech TV

    PRAGUE: Czech crime series Nineties / Devadesátky by Slovak director Peter Bebjak has gathered 2.23 m viewers during only six Sunday evenings on the Czech Television. This is the best result for a Czech television series in the last 18 years.

    Nineties has been the most viewed TV series broadcast on all Czech TV channels since 2004 not only in linear broadcast, but also in delayed broadcast (161,000 viewers) and also on the Internet.

    Nineties series, credit: Czech TVThe fifth episode of the series, Barrels / Sudy, broke the historical ratings with 2.41 m viewers (every fourth citizen of the 10 millions of Czechs watched it), becoming the most watched TV programme in prime time since the start of the broadcasting rating electronic measurement in 1997.

    The documentary series Half World / Polosvět, which presents the cases from Nineties and which was broadcast simultaneously with Nineties, has also been successful. All of its six episodes together had 711,000 viewers. This docuseries directed by David Sís and Martin Froyda has had the best rating for a documentary on channel ČT2 since 2007.

    Both series have also been available online on the website of the Czech Television, a domain where the Czech public broadcaster is competing equally with Czech commercial channels Nova and Prima.

    Nineties series, credit: Czech TVNineties is based on real criminal cases that occured in the „wild“ 90s, after the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. The series has six episodes and the main characters are played by Martin Finger, Kryštof Bartoš, Ondřej Sokol, Vasil Fridrich and Robert Mikluš. The series is directed by Peter Bebjak together with Dan Wlodarczyk, and it was produced by the Czech Television and creative producer Michal Reitler.

    Peter Bebjak’s new feature film, the thriller Shadow Play / Stínohra, was released by Falcon on 7 April 2022 and had 2,894 admissions in the first weekend and 5,317 admissions during the first week. Shadow Play is a Czech/Slovak coproduction, produced by Hangar Films in coproduction with Barletta, innogy and the Czech Television in the Czech Republic, and D.N.A. Production and RTVS in Slovakia.