New Hrebejk film premieres October 8

By Irena Zemanova

    The Giglet (Nestyda), a dark comedy about mid-life crisis by leading Czech director Jan Hrebejk premieres on October 8 in Prague, with nation-wide distribution beginning October 9.

    The film is an adaptation of The Tales of Marriage and Sex by bestselling Czech author Michal Viewegh, who also wrote the movie screenplay along with Hrebejk and actor Jiri Machacek, who plays the lead role of a 40-year-old TV weatherman.

    The cast includes Slovak actress Emília Vasaryova, Pavel Landovsky, Pavel Liska, and Simona Babcakova, all well-known names locally. Adding to the films star-power, several iconic Czech celebrities, including Viewegh, and singers Karel Gott and Hana Hegerova play themselves.

    The budget of Nestyda was CZK 27 million (1.1 million Euros), according to film´s producers Rudolf Biermann and Tomas Hoffman, whose companies Infilm and Infinity (www.infilm.cz) produced the movie. The gas and energy company RWE, through its Energy of Czech film programme (www.rwe.cz), co-produced the movie with 122,000 Euros.

    The other co-producers are TV Nova (www.nova.cz), Sony Ericsson (www.sony ericsson.cz) and HBO (www.hbo.cz).

    The distribution company Falcon (www.falcon.cz) will distribute the movie with a record 46 prints, confirming its potential to be one of the box office hits of the year. Only mega Hollywood blockbusters such as the Harry Potter or James Bond series commanded more than 40 copies in Czech cinemas.

    The Giglet is the first joint project for Viewegh and Hrebejk, who are both extremely popular in the Czech Republic. Hrebejk's films, including recent releases I´m All Good (released May 2008), Teddy Bear (released September 2007) and Beauty in Trouble (released September 2006) earned over 16 million Euros at the Czech box office, according to the Czech Union of Film Distributors (www.ufd.cz). Viewegh has sold 1,2 million books in Czech Republic.