FNE at FINALE Plzen: Alois Nebel

By FNE Staff

    {mosimage}PLZEN: Tomas Lunak makes an impressive debut with the black-and-white rotoscope animated film Alois Nebel based on a Czech graphic novel and screening in the Czech Feature Film Competition at the FINALE film festival, running through 28 April.

    The story is set at the end of the 1980's, during the last throes of communism, in a village near the Polish border, where a railway worker is confronted by a mute stranger, ends up homeless in Prague, and has to deal with demons from a dark past and present.

    The 2.5 million euro film, three years in production, was produced by Negativ (www.negativ.cz) and Germany's Pallas Film. It premiered out of competition at the Venice film festival and was released in Czech cinemas on 29 September. It was still in the top 20 four months after its release, with over 100,000 admissions. The film was the Czech selection for the Best Foreign Film and also qualified for the Best Animated Film category.

    Production Information:

    Director: Tomáš Luňák

    Script: Jaroslav Rudiš, Jaromír 99 (Jaromír Švejdík)

    DoP: Jan Baset Střítežský

    Editor: Petr Říha

    Animation: Pavla Dudová

    Cast: Miroslav Krobot, Marie Ludvíková, Karel Roden, Leoš Noha, Alois Švehlík, Tereza Voříšková, Ján Sedal, Miroslav Maršálek, Jiří Štrébl, Marek Daniel