Karlovy Vary Chooses 14 Competition Films

By FNE Staff

    European films dominate the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival competition. Of the 14 films selected, 12 are European films or co-productions. The Czech Republic and France are represented by two films each, while the only non-European films come from the U.S. and China.

    The six world premieres come from Croatia (Behind the Glass), Belgium/France (Distant Tremors), Germany (Dr, Aleman), Czech Republic (Night Owls), China (The Shaft), and Denmark (Terribly Happy).

    Central and Eastern Europe contribute the Czech/Polish co-production Karamazovs, the Russian/Bulgarian co-production Captive, and the Hungarian/Swedish/Irish film The Investigator. Indonesia, co-producing with France, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden, makes a rare competition appearance with The Photograph. The remaining European films come from France (True Enough), Spain (Pretexts), and Italy (The Early Bird Catches the Worm). Completing the competition line up are The Guitar from the USA and The Shaft from China.

    The festival opens on July 4 and runs through July 12.

    The complete list of competition films follows. For more information on the Karlovy Vary film festival, go to the FNE Festivals section.

    Behind the Glass | Iza stakla
    Director: Zrinko Ogresta
    Croatia, 2008, 80 min, WP

    Captive | Plennyj
    Director: Alexey Uchitel
    Russia, Bulgaria, 2008, 80 min, IP

    Distant Tremors | Les tremblements lointains
    Director: Manuel Poutte
    Belgium, France, 2008, 100 min, WP

    Dr. Aleman | Dr. Aleman
    Director: Tom Schreiber
    Germany, 2008, 106 min, WP

    The Early Bird Catches the Worm | Il mattino ha l'oro in bocca
    Director: Francesco Patierno
    Italy, 2008, 105 min, IP

    The Guitar | The Guitar
    Director: Amy Redford
    USA, 2007, 92 min, IP

    The Investigator | A nyomozó
    Director: Attila Gigor
    Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, 2008, 107 min, IP

    The Karamazovs | Karamazovi
    Director: Petr Zelenka
    Czech Republic, Poland, 2008, 100 min, IP

    Night Owls | Děti noci
    Director: Michaela Pavlátová
    Czech Republic, 2008, 80 min, WP

    The Photograph | The Photograph
    Director: Nan T. Achnas
    Indonesia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, 2007, 94 min, EP

    Pretexts | Pretextos
    Director: Silvia Munt
    Spain, 2007, 90 min, IP

    The Shaft | Dixia de Tiankong
    Director: Zhang Chi
    China, 2008, 98 min, WP

    Terribly Happy | Frygtelig Lykkelig
    Director: Henrik Ruben Genz
    Denmark, 2008, 105 min, WP

    True Enough | La vérité ou presque
    Director: Sam Karmann
    France, 2007, 95 min, IP