FESTIVALS: Afterparty Wins MIDPOINT TV Launch Prize at Tallinn


    TALLINN: HBO Europe’s Czech branch presented its award of 5,000 USD to the Croatian project Afterparty, which participated in MIDPOINT TV Launch in Tallinn. Projects from Croatia, Hungary, Latvia and Serbia were among those presented at the 26 November 2020 presentation of MIDPOINT TV Launch, which was held as part of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event.

    Afterparty (Croatia) is a contemporary drama series that explores themidpoint world of Lucija and her best friends, Ruža, Maja and Iva, as they navigate through their late twenties while the political aspirations of the ultra-conservative movement threaten their sexual freedom, health and self-esteem. The project is written by Dora Sustic and produced by Maja Pek-Bruenjes for Croatia’s Antitalent. The budget is 3,400,000 EUR. The project is looking for coproducers, sales and broadcasters.

    Agents (Serbia) tells the story of Novica Babic, a dreamer and a charming manipulator who organises a fake contest for the admission of candidates to the regional centre of Interpol in a small Serbian town of Smederevo. The project is written by Gvozden Djuric, and directed and produced by Uros Tomic for Rooftop Party Pictures. The team is speaking to the Serbian TV but sees the story as having international appeal. It is a light thriller consisting of 8 to 10 episodes. The budget is 800,000 EUR.

    Hotel Intercontinental (Hungary) takes us to Budapest in the 1970s, where nothing is what it seems. The hotel serves as a home for spies, counter-espionage, celebrities and small-time crooks. We see all this through the eyes of Ivan, a bellboy who has bigger plans that we would expect. The project is written by Peter Akar and Andras Voros, and is produced by Andras Voros for Filmfabriq Cinemart Ltd. Hotel Intercontinental is in the middle of development and looking for coproducers, sales, and broadcasters.

    Lazlo (Latvia) is a project by writers Ermins Baltais and Kristina Martinuka, producer Aija Berzina. It is produced by Latvia’s Tasse Film, whose recent titles include the film Oleg by Latvian director Juris Kursietis. Lazlo follows Maria, a young nurse, who aims to find her husband after he went missing on a successful Soviet space mission in 1986. The six-episode series is currently in development and looking for coproducers, sales, and broadcasters. The budget is 2,500,000 EUR.