FNE at Tallinn 2023: Winners of TV Beats Co-Financing Market announced!

    Award winners of TV Beats Co-Financing market 2023 Award winners of TV Beats Co-Financing market 2023 Photo by Janis Kokk

    TALLINN: Today, on the second day of the TV Beats Forum, the winners of the TV Beats Co-Financing Market, organised for the 3rd year, were announced.

    The jury selected the Estonian drama series project Behind the Iron Curtain as the most promising project, receiving a 3000 euro monetary prize presented by Elisa. 

    Jury comment: “Within the charming local setting of an international song contest in an era where personal freedom was not easy to achieve, neither in personal nor in social life, this show not only provides a deep insight into local characters and values but has huge potential to unite the international audience not only before the small screen but also behind the camera as a natural coproduction.”

    The jury also decided to give out a special mention to Ukrainian project The Pride is Not Available in Your Region

    Jury comment:” Our special mention price will go to a show about our modern and troubled time  a show about survival and hope, about diversity and unity.  A show about accepting others and ourselves. We wanted to promote this project not because of this specific war but because of all the wars, violence and discrimination we are experiencing nowadays. With this price, we like to support the artistic and universal voice and vision of a Community, mirroring our society.  So, definitely, talent; hope and pride are available in this region.“

    Altogether, eight projects seeking collaborative partnerships took part in the competition. The international jury included Content Editor at Beta Film Group Anna Rohde, Deputy Acquisitions Director at Mediawan Emmanuel Eckert and Executive Producer Isabelle Hulten, renowned for projects such as Billy the Kid, The Swarm, Who Shot Otto Mueller, and Rebus.

    No Problemo Music award was handed out to the Lithuanian project Cold. “We decided to give our prize to the project which creates a space for diverse music, that can add a flavouring to the emotional layer and compose a coherent whole. That is why the No Problemo Music Award goes to the team of "Cold", commented Agnieszka Sękowska, general manager of No Problemo Music. 

    The No Problemo Music award includes free, non-exclusive music license for tracks from the Audio Network library for the production and its promotional materials without time, territory and use restrictions. No Problemo Music is the Polish sub-publisher, representing Audio Network in territories of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. 

    In addition, Seriencamp Conference award was handed out to a Slovakian project Frontwards granting an invite to join the Seriencamp Story Exchange.

    "We chose Frontwards as the winning series because of its plot and setting uniqueness. The outstanding premise, the intriguing protagonist, her personal conflicts, and the opportunity to blend different genres such as crime, mystery, and psychological drama make the project a promising co-production. Overall, the combination of originality, profound character development, and the skilful integration of various genre elements convinced us that this project is an impressive and innovative contribution to the world of series," said Jana Gißler from Seriencamp. 

    Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event, taking place on 13-17 November, is a five-day summit for film and audiovisual industry professionals held during Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. In 2023, the summit will provide a whole line of events covering the most sizzling questions in the sector.