New Script Development Residency Launched in Georgia


    TELAVI: The first edition of the script development residency organised by Terra Incognita Films and supported by the Georgian National Film Center is currently underway at the Zaira Arsenishvili House-Museum in Telavi, Georgia (10-17 October 2021). The project aims at helping to develop six feature films together with Georgian and foreign experts.

    A total of 30 projects were submitted.

    "Working sessions will be held both physically and online, in groups or individually. On 11 October 2021, when the working sessions begin, the participants will be joined online by the renowned American actor, screenwriter and director Matt Dillon", project organiser Anna Chkonia told FNE.

    The mentors include the American screenwriter and New York University professor Kenneth Friedman, Albanian director/producer Blerim Gjoci, the founder of Carte Blanche Pictures Anne Marie Boidock, French producer Dominique Velinsky and German producer Titus Kreyenberg, who will physically attend the residency and work with the participants.

    American writer/publisher Doug Morris will also attend the residency and work individually with the participants.


    Princess Maya
    Written by Margo Zubashvili

    Script Development Residency in Telavi 2021Tear Gas
    Written by Uta Beria

    Under the Sky
    Written by Anastasia Chanturaia

    Cut out of Context
    Written by Gigi Janashia

    Chaos of Silence
    Written by Nino Shaburishvili

    White Shadows
    Written by Nino Gogua